Nina Müller
Produkt Manager Exterior

Continental is now a Rewindo Premium Partner

“What we are doing is putting down a marker,” says Rainer Irouschek, head of Exterior for surface materials at Continental. “Window profiles coated with our films can be recycled without the need for further treatment. For this reason and many more, coated plastic windows are the first choice for durability and sustainability.”

PVC can be reused up to seven times 

Rewindo is the leading recycling network for used plastic window profiles. A network of partner companies makes it possible to create a complete cycle, from the removal of old windows to the production of high-quality PVC granulates and the production of new frame profiles. PVC recycled in this way can be reused up to seven times! 

Together with its recycling and logistics partners, Rewindo achieved an output of more than 35,500 metric tons of regranulate from old PVC windows, shutters and doors in 2019 through material recycling. This corresponds to around two million old plastic windows. In addition, there were over 65,000 metric tons of PVC tread sections in 2019. According to Rewindo managing director Michael Vetter, the premium partner network also made an important contribution to this result.


Further information on Rewindo and our premium partnership is available here.