Kunstleder in weiß und hellbeige
Kunstleder in weiß & hellbeige für Sitzpolster und den Objektbereich

skai® Artificial leather in white and light beige

Our high-quality skai® is produced in lengths sold by the meter. It is available in a wide range of on-trend colors – either patterned or with a leather look. Innovative upholstery fabrics featuring a strong design aesthetic and outstanding technical properties help to create unique experiences in spaces all over the world. A couch with comfortable seat cushions covered in artificial leather that feels great to the touch enhances our quality of life.

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White skai® leather for properties

skai® artificial leather in white is ideal for fitout projects in the contract sector, adding a touch of class to hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, stadiums and public buildings. That said, it also creates a pleasant atmosphere in offices and stores, at exhibitions, trade shows and events, in care homes and hospitals as well as in the physio and fitness sectors. And it goes without saying that our white skai® leather is the perfect addition to any luxury residential space.

Synthetic leather is durable and easy to care for

High-quality skai® synthetic leather is the perfect enhancement to any living space. Our materials are distinguished by their stimulating look and feel and their outstanding technical properties. They are:

Largely flame-retardant
Easy to clean
Resistant to disinfectants
Partially resistant to blood, urine and sweat

With skai® Toledo EN in White and Lightbeige, for example, we are launching something new, a product that will win you over with its innate qualities. This high-quality upholstery material is characterized by its outstanding robustness and simple elegance. Thanks to its medium-fine cowhide grain, it is Everybody’s Darling. But the durable skai® Toledo EN also offers impressive levels of wear resistance, fastness to light and tear strength. The synthetic upholstery fabric can handle extreme wear at over 100,000 Martindale cycles. What’s more, skai® Toledo EN fulfills all the latest requirements of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (the German Association for Furniture Quality, DGM), laid down in the RAL-GZ 430-4 guideline by representatives from leading furniture manufacturers. The range of eighteen on-trend colors is yet another factor ensuring that the material can be used universally in the most demanding of contract applications. This attractive and innovative product has the potential to become a new classic on the market.

Design and color for interior design

Our skai® artificial leather can be used for cushions and wall designs for interior spaces. The broad color palette offers interior designers and decorators an incredible degree of freedom. Complex embossing styles produce a diverse range of looks and effects mimicking the flora and fauna all around us, for example, or creating an impact with different seams, fabric textures, stitching and technical designs.

Water-resistant for outdoor use

Some of our high-quality materials – such as skai® cool colors Venezia and skai® Neptun – are ideal for outdoor applications. They are resistant to chlorine, salt water and UV radiation.

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