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With our skai® brand, we offer outstanding surfaces allowing interior designers and planners to create holistic design solutions for top-end residential and luxury contract projects. Thanks to perfectly matched designs, upholstery on seats and walls as well as on the fronts of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and all kinds of other furniture can be harmonized to produce a consistent whole. And now with the new Luxury Vinyl Tiles floor covering Design Click Vinyl, we are also extending this design scope to flooring. The floor boards can harmonize with furniture fronts and upholstery – or produce a thrilling contrast.

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Vinyl Design floor for contract furnishing

Thanks to our new, diverse range of Design Click Vinyl floor coverings, you will always find just the right product to turn any flooring concept into a reality. Whether for offices, hotels, stores or meeting rooms, Design Click Vinyl is available in three different board/tile widths (180 mm / 229 mm / 305 mm) and two thicknesses. Depending on the application and level of usage, you can choose between a wear layer of 0.3 mm (classes 23 and 31) or 0.55 mm (classes 33 and 42). The plastic flooring complies with fire protection class Bfl-S1, boasts excellent wear resistance and is also resistant to staining and chemicals.

The benefits of vinyl flooring

The main benefits of our LVT flooring are that it does not contain phthalates and the material from which it is made offers a high level of mechanical and chemical resistance. This elastic floor covering material is incredibly light, quick to lay, easy to care for, water-resistant, quiet, warm under foot, suitable for underfloor heating and has a very low installation height. Its antistatic and antislip surface is fire-retardant and resistant to disinfectants and many other chemicals. Its elastic property also means that sound is not transmitted across the entire floor area, which means that it is much quieter to walk on than hard floors such as laminate or parquet. This durable and long-lasting vinyl flooring is not hazardous to health since it is a DIBt emissions-tested construction product and meets all requirements of the CE mark.

The benefits at a glance:

Phthalate-free material

High mechanical and chemical resistance

Water-resistant (suitable for wet rooms)



Fire-retardant (B1)

Resistant to disinfectants

Easy to clean and care for (non-porous surface)

Dry cleaning or wiping with a damp mop is sufficient

Durable and long-lasting

Better footfall sound properties than hard floors (laminate, parquet)

Low installation height (easy to renovate)

Warm under foot


Design Click Vinyl can be easily laid as a floating floor over the existing wood or tiled floor. The low installation means that it is not necessary to shorten any doors, a laborious process that is often required when other types of flooring are laid. Thanks to its innovative product structure, the material is ideal for areas such as bathrooms that are exposed to a lot of water and moisture. The floor can be laid without adhesive on almost any substrate. Hard floors and all other substrates that meet the following criteria are suitable:



Free of cracks

Resistant to tension and pressure



Permanently attached to the substrate

We would advise against laying this flooring on carpet. The Design Click Vinyl flooring, which can be laid in almost no time at all, can take everything modern life throws at it. Highly attractive and comfortable, yet still incredibly tough, our flooring helps to create a feel-good atmosphere.

Extensive range of colors and designs

Our Design Click Vinyl comes in a range of decorative finishes – granite and slate, planks and tiles, cottage-style floor boards and even authentic wood effects. A total of twelve finishes are available, including wide floor boards with a design joint running all the way around. These innovative finishes offer have a great look and feel. The natural wood effects such as oak, beech and maple as well as the stylish slate and granite finishes mimic their real-life counterparts perfectly, with authentic embossed grains that make the materials not only almost indistinguishable from the real deal, but also irresistible to the touch. Hornschuch offers an impressive and attractive range of on-trend surfaces ranging in color from light to dark.
Matching baseboards and neutral connecting pieces are also available.

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