Here, you can find an overview of the articles in our Contract collection.

To view the complete color range, simply select the desired article.

skai® Neptun Imperia
skai® Neptun Ravenna
skai® Neptun Varezze
skai® Neptun Caleri
skai® Neptun Pescara
skai® cool colors Venezia
skai® Evida
skai® Paratexa NF
skai® Paduna Stars NF
skai® Palena
skai® Pandoria Plus
skai® Plata
skai® Sotega FLS
skai® Parotega NF
skai® Toledo EN
skai® Pavinto
skai® Bresta
skai® Palma
skai® Palma NF
skai® Tundra
skai® Mano-S
skai® Tundra Tec
skai® Tundra Point
skai® Tundra Carbon


Here, you can find an overview of the articles in our Fashion collection.

To view the complete color range, simply select the desired article.

skai® Sofelto EN
skai® Soshagro EN
skai® Aliena
skai® Socodilo Flash
skai® Aythana N
skai® Sorentiko
skai® Sarano
skai® Sotega
skai® Sotega Stars
skai® Sorrento EN
skai® Soroma EN
skai® Ristikko EN
skai® Sanovara Stars
skai® Sorisma EN
skai® Solino EN
skai® Tokio EN


Flame-resistance can also be trendy

The upholstery materials of our Fashion collection meet the following standards:

DIN75200, ISO 3795, MVSS302, EN1021-1, EN1021-2, UNI 9175 - Classe 1, BS5852 IS-0, BS5852 IS-0, IMO FTPC P8

If you want to search for a flame-resistance standard, simply switch to the product overview and filter our product portfolio according to your wishes.

Look and feel that are impressive!

We offer robust artificial leather with the highest design standards.

In our collection, you can find imitation and geometric surfaces!

Simply animalistic:

  • Hide structure: skai® Sofelto EN (antelope), skai® Samua (cow)
  • Ray - manta ray embossing: skai® Soshagro EN
  • Ostrich look: skai® Aliena
  • Imitation crocodile: skai® Socodilo Flash & skai® Socodilo Country
  • Snakeskin: skai® Aythana N
  • Leather: skai® Sotega (soft nappa), skai® Sotega Stars (soft nappa with metallic effect), skai® Sanovara Stars (calf leather with metallic effect), skai® Sorrento (delicate calf grain), skai® Oroledo (classic cowhide), skai® Sorentiko (fine smooth leather), skai® Sarano (expressive cowhide)

Textile, seams & woven structures:

  • Coarsely woven structure: skai® Ristikko EN
  • Seam and seams: skai® Soroma EN, skai® Solino EN
  • Delicate raffia structure: skai® Santungo Stars

Geometric shapes:

  • Ground look: skai® Tokio EN
  • Wavy prism structure: skai® Sorisma EN
  • Hexagon clusters: skai® Tolaris EN


Would you like a sample?

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Contract – artificial leather with B1 for the contract area

With our B1 upholstery materials skai® Parotega NF, skai® Palma NF, skai® Paratexa NF, and skai® Paduna Stars NF, you are always on the safe side when it comes to flame resistance. When designing and furnishing public areas, hotels, and restaurants, building material class B1 is usually required in order to meet the requirements for fire safety regulations. The products listed meet standard DIN4102 B1. For interior design, we offer products with textile, leather, and metallic-finish looks. Take a look at our B1 assortment.

For more sustainability in interior decorating in the contract sector

skai® Evida and skai® Etano are from our nature base line. They are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are made of approximately 50% renewable raw materials & an additional 30% natural raw materials. Longevity, lightfastness, tensile strength, and resistance to disinfectants are further positive characteristics of the imitation leather.

They also comply with:

Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Toy standard DIN EN 71-3, Medical Devices Act (DIN EN ISO 10993-5+10), Flame-resistance standards: EN1021-1+2 and BS5852-0+1

Artificial leather for headboards and catering applications on cruise ships

We offer materials with IMO FTPC P8 for ship interiors. Are you searching for these surfaces in particular? Then switch to our product area and filter our IMO products.

Upholstery material in accordance with DGM RAL

Our skai® Toledo EN meets DGM RAL GZ 430/4. The product is also impressive with an abrasion resistance > 100,000 Martindales. It is soft and stretchable and also resistant to blood and urine.

Overview of all flame-resistance standards of our products

DIN53438 (Part 2), DIN75200, DIN EN1021-1+2

DIN 4102 (Part 1, B1), DIN 4102 (Part1, B2)

DIN EN 13501 B-s3,d0


ISO 3795

UNI 9175/87 - Classe 1 (IM)

BS 5852 IS-0+1+5

NF P92-503 (M1), NF P92-503 (M2)

ÖNORM B3825, ÖNORM B3800 Part 1


FAR 25853 12s

AM 18