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Award Winning Designs with skai®

Numerous awards set our designs apart from the rest.

skai®: Design is the focus

Innovative ideas require a solid base upon which they can grow and prosper, ultimately developing into one of the unmistakable products by the brand skai®. Because it is only out of the intelligent collaboration of creative minds that truly original things can come to be.


From color sampling to grain development, right up to reproduction development - our very own design center boasts an experienced team who are constantly developing new collections for today, tomorrow and the future.


"Great things in business are never done by a person.

They are done by a team of people."

Steve Jobs

skai® is synonymous with success

Ralf Imbery (Director of Design) at the prize giving ceremony of the Red Dot Design Award 2014.


Discover the world of home interiors with skai®

Our expertise with films and artificial leather in surface designing can be implemented in a diverse range of applications. We have mastered the defining parameters of our work — design and function — and fully exploit them to the benefit of our customers. So whether you are aiming for something traditional and classic, stylish and elegant or playful and modern — with skai® we create interiors that perfectly attune living with design.


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