The Hornschuch Trend Guide 24/7 makes design a holistic experience

Reader becomes designer — and creates their own individual world.

The Hornschuch Trend Guide 24/7 is a continuation of the Hornschuch Design Guide and thus serves as a tool and source of guidance for the Hornschuch design team and its customers. The two-part guide conveys design in a style and manner that is wholly fresh and innovative. The research on trends presented in the first part takes the reader on a fascinating journey through current trend and design concepts.


Three trends create the foundation for design

The Hornschuch designers developed three design trends that can be experienced with the visual, tactile, and olfactory senses: Natural Soul, Pure Living, and Expressive Art. Micro mood boards make the design development process transparent. In the second interactive part of the 24/7 Guide , Hornschuch demonstrates the variety of its products, which can be applied in numerous ways and accompany us around the clock. This is reflected in the design of the Trend Guide itself; the light blue cover represents day, the black inside, night. This part allows customers to play and experiment with color chips and develop ideas for combinations with their own products. The Hornschuch Trend Guide 24/7 makes design a holistic experience. The reader becomes the designer and creates their own individual world.

The repeated success of winning the renowned Red Dot Award is the result of sustainable design

Hornschuch has become a repeat winner of the renowned Red Dot Award; and Communication Design is a special highlight for the multi-award-winning company. Ralf Imbery, Head of Product Design, says, “Receiving the first Red Dot for our Design Guide was a unique experience for us and our customers. We were also delighted to win a second red dot for our Design Collection and a third for the extraordinary material skai® Tolaris EN. But confirming this performance with a fourth Red Dot is, of course, even better.”


The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has been honoring outstanding designs for 60 years. The name and brand of the now internationally renowned competition were developed by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec in the 1990s. The coveted Red Dot has established itself as an internationally recognized seal of quality and is awarded in the disciplines of Product Design, Design Concept, and Communication Design.

"It is important for us to recognize that design is a continuous process. We can take a snapshot at any one time and create new products from these, but the process continues."

Ralf Imbery - Director of Design, the Hornschuch Group
Your expert in skai® Design
Ralf Imbery
Director of Design