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Natural Soul - Pure Living - Expressive Art

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Color selection, reproduction work and grain pattern development

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”, as Aristotle once said. In other words, the shards of an amphora are not the amphora itself. People always strive for the whole, the intact, the complete. We yearn for harmony, perfection, and balance. This explains the symmetrical design of most things and the desire to be in harmony with oneself and the world. 

Under the skai® brand, we offer award-winning surfaces, which enable interior designers and planners to implement holistic design solutions in sophisticated living and office areas. Designs that are perfectly in tune with each other ensure that upholstery solutions on seating furniture and walls harmoniously coexist with furniture fronts on kitchen, bathroom, and all other furniture.

Bring interiors to life

skai® upholstery materials and furniture films adorn items of furniture and walls, achieving highly attractive interior designs. Whether a perfect imitation surface or modern metallic look is desired, all designs boast a natural and unique style. Working in accordance with the All-In-One concept, we harmoniously suit the upholstery surfaces in print, color and structure to all furniture fronts and floor boards. Our surfaces really do bring interiors to life.

Home Interiors, Color and Material Conception

Furniture manufacturers, designers, decorators and interior architects often take inspiration from attractive designs, striking structures and trend-setting colors. With the help of our products, they continually succeed in creating emotive home interiors with irresistible appeal.

skai® products know no limits

With the Red Dot award-winning Trend Guide 24/7, we demonstrate how our surfaces are present twenty-four hours a day thanks to their diverse range of applications. From furniture up to the wall and back down to the flooring, We stand for holistic interior design that creates a single complete look with upholstery materials, furniture films and the new Design Click Vinyl.

2015 Trends

The Trend Guide 24/7 is a continuation of the Design Guide and thus serves as a tool and source of guidance for the design team and its customers. The sustainability of design development is also a focal point. At the same time, we walk down new paths in order to gain a clearer vision of current trends, enabling us to understand and express them as accurately as possible. Within the framework of the Trend Guide 24/7, three trends, Natural Soul, Pure Living and Expressive Art, were defined for 2015.




Natural Soul

The 2015 trend Natural Soul imparts the immense fascination of nature, reflected in shape, color and structure. Natural phenomena serve as the creative force.

Hard shell, soft core!

skai® digital print rinjani

The skai® digital print design “rinjani” from the skai® digital print collection plays with contradictions. The stone printing seems hard and expressive. But once you touch the material, you will be surprised by its pleasant feel and impressed by the same high-quality characteristics that all skai® upholstery materials have.

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A strong connection

structure Oxid concrete

If there were a reaction that melted concrete, metal, and stone, an appearance like the skai® furniture film “structure Oxid concrete” would be possible. Bring this symbiotic relationship with your furniture into the homes of your customers.

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Created by the power of earth

colore structure dark grey

This furniture film stands out with its slatted structure, which creates a ruptured surface look yet still appears flowing and natural. The earthy grey color ensures that the film looks particularly organic.

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Magnetic attraction

structure Aless cubanite

Cubanite is a mineral. It crystallizes in the cubic crystal system and can seem angular or block-like.

The beauty and diversity of cubanite was the inspiration for this interpretation.

Shades of stone playfully interact with a textile-like surface, creating a bizarre connection between natural and material.

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The contrast of liveliness and solidity

skai® Plata granite

This artificial leather presents the exceptional gracefulness of the elephant in a fine grain pattern with a matt-gloss effect. The color hints at granite that is fired from deep within a volcano as liquid magma to solidify on the earth's surface. This process fuses the strength of the wilderness with the natural forces of Mother Earth.

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The quiet of the moor

skai® Palena avocado

A slight contrast and a tone-in-tone microfiber look create a artificial leather that is mystic, and reminds us of the fibrous, wave-like structure of a landscape bathed in moss.  The super soft touch of the upholstery material recreates the smooth surface of the moss.

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Pure Living

The Pure Living trend means the return to simplistic, defined and minimalist shapes that avoid fussy, decorative elements. Subtle pastel colors throw light upon the natural.

Pastel attractiveness

skai® Paratexa NF powder rose

The new ensemble from two worlds is taking over the B1 segment. skai® Paratexa NF looks like a textile, but has all characteristics of skai® upholstery materials. The color range is broad, pastel, and in accordance with the trend of “Pure Living”.

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Fascination with frost

Perfect Touch frost white

As reserved and cool as the color frost white may seem, our skai® furniture film from the Perfect Touch Line stirs the soul with its warm, pleasant feel. The soft matt lacquer surface is used on bathroom, kitchen, and cabinet furniture.

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The clarity of geometry

modo Sylvaine silverline

The sensual diversity of objects is a source of strength. The return to minimalist shapes without fussy decorative elements is what makes this furniture film impressive. It boasts simplicity and clarity of structure.


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Filigree and futuristic

skai® Tokio EN light rosé

The supreme discipline of cross-grinding is pushing the metallic trend right to the top. Precision on a nanoscale leads to a deceptively realistic, non-patterned result, whilst subtle pastel colors allow the material to shine out.

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Simply nature

skai® Tundra pistazio

The high-quality skai® material is characterized by a fine calf leather grain and subtle matt-gloss effect. The outstanding naturalness creates a feeling of well-being, peace and relaxation.

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strength lies in peace

skai® Palma torf

skai® Palma is a high-quality skai® material with a fine calf leather grain, and a subtle, printed pattern. The calm shade of brown ensures relaxation, wellbeing and warmth.

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Expressive Art

Loud, vibrant and trendy! An explosion of exuberant shapes and brash colors fully exploits the power of the visual with the Expressive Art trend.

Metropolitan design

skai® digital print manhattan

Our skai® digital print collection can also be expressive! The design “manhattan” shows how: Jazzy, striking, and intense – It makes you long for the big city!

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The perfect statement

Perfect Touch cosmosgrey

As the perfect partner for bright colors or as an expressive individualist, our Perfect Touch cosmosgrey is a newcomer in the trendy area of “Expressive Art”.

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An explosion of colors

skai® Tundra fire

Red means passion. Whether it's love or anger, strength or hate; things that seem to oppose each other are characterized by red. Red creates a powerful accent. The interplay of the red with the natural surface structure of this artificial leather creates a statement that simply cannot be ignored.

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A unique frenzy of color

skai® Tundra emerald

The emerald is the most exclusive of all green precious stones. This 2016 trend color is paired with a fine calf leather grain pattern to create this extravagant design. Color meets naturalness.


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crashing seas

skai® Palma atoll

The powerful blue of skai® Palma atoll is always in vogue. It has a particularly harmonizing effect and takes the onlooker on a journey across a vast ocean.

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