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Create highlights with diverse combinations of innovative surfaces.
Bring contemporary trends to all your living spaces.
Be inspired.

With the brand skai® we offer exceptional surface solutions that allow interior architects and planners to achieve integrated design solutions in the interior design of high-quality living areas and office spaces.

We create designs that harmoniously complement each other, allowing upholstery solutions, furniture fronts and floor panels of all types to merge seamlessly into one another.

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SEE, TOUCH, THINK, LOVE – we regard, grasp, and understand surfaces,
and take them to our hearts. Their look and feel, their inherent quality,
and their attractiveness turn them into something special – surfaces that touch.

With surfaces that touch, we offer planners and interior designers a wealth of possibilities for the holistic designing of spaces. Whether upholstery materials, furniture films, or designer films – our high-quality materials are the first choice in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, public buildings, and shop fitting.

d-c-fix® Deco & Glass

Well proven, d-c-fix® transforms rooms in the blink of an eye. Whether as self-adhesive film with a wood look, writeable blackboard film, or trendy designer film, they create accents. Static-cling glass films prevent prying eyes while at the same time contributing to the decorative effect of the room.

skai® and d-c-fix®
has been an internationally registered trademark since 1958.

Quality is not an accident

Before skai® materials can conquer spaces around the world, they must withstand rigorous testing, which they must pass with flying colours. We are only satisfied when they dependably meet all internal and external requirements and have demonstrated all guaranteed features. Because we are obliged to the Made in Germany quality.

Colour, print, emboss

Special finishing techniques make skai® upholstery material distinctive. Fantastic colours, brilliant prints,
and effective embossing give object planners and interior designers a wealth of possibilities. Individual solutions with digitally printed artificial leather
make it possible for them to implement their own designs.

Leather Design

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Textile Design

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Wild Animal Design

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Outdoor Design

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Green Design

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Architect Relations

Our experts assist with projects from material selection to implementation. We are active in associations and supporting colleges. We utilize trade fairs and speeches to exchange and update our pool of information. We conduct comprehensive networking, among other things with our own workshops and events. We are always looking digitally for the latest trends and work closely together with renowned material libraries.

Our Support

We support you in your work well beyond the usual scale. Our competent Customer Service Team is happy to help you find just the right material to optimally fulfill your requirements or will inform you of alternatives. Fast and flexible, we are always there for you.

Contract Business Hospitality

Discover our hospitality range and be inspired by the diverse range of uses of our skai® artificial leathers offer. They can be applied on cruise ships, hotels or even in the gastronomy industry. Our products appear on bed headboards, outdoor and indoor furniture, and in lounge areas, to name but a few examples. Our materials fulfill the highest technical requirements in terms of fire protection and wear resistance.

Cruise Ships

 Our skai® materials accompany you around the world on cruise ships. Our premium-quality and robust artificial leather provides the final touch for a luxurious journey at sea.



Relax and indulge yourself in an exclusive ambiance. Today, our skai® artificial leather guarantees an atmosphere of wellbeing in some of the best hotels in the world.



With our upholstery materials, restaurant interiors become something truly unique. Our materials are particularly robust and are ideal for sophisticated Environments.


Contract Business Public Areas

skai® surfaces are perfectly suited for use in public buildings and institutions. The high-quality skai® material is used on seating and wall coverings in arenas, airports, train stations, and soccer stadiums, in movie theaters, opera houses, museums, offices, and meeting rooms.

For special applications, such as fire protection or if you are specifically looking for materials for outdoor use, we would be happy to advise you.

Our stock program has the right materials for any application. For individual wishes and ideas, we are also willing and able to individually tailor the color, print, and embossing.


In arenas, our innovative skai® materials are especially used on VIP seating. Due to the combination of flame retardant properties and weather-resistance, as well as light fastness and abrasion, the products are especially robust and long-lasting.


Public buildings

skai® upholstery materials are tough, withstand heavy wear, and are comfortable to sit on – even in places with a lot of public traffic. The comfortable materials ensure a pleasant sitting experience in waiting areas and greatly contribute to a feel-good atmosphere.



With attractive colors and a pleasant feel, our high-quality skai® materials make a major contribution to a good working environment. The upholstery materials are used on seating and wall coverings in offices or conference rooms.


Contract Business Healthcare

The healthcare branch includes the application areas of hospitals, nursing homes, and the physical therapy & fitness branches. skai® surfaces are characterized by a high degree of comfort. They are very robust and long-lasting and come in individual colors. In addition, they have the typical characteristics of all skai® upholstery materials.

In order to meet special requirements in the healthcare sector, the skai® product palette offers materials such as skai® Evida, skai® Pandoria Plus, skai® Toledo EN, skai® Bresta, which compies with the Medical Devices Act. In addition, skai® Pandoria Plus is impressive due to its resistance to urine, blood, and sweat and does not allow bacteria and other microorganisms to spread due to its special surface characteristics.

Our materials are used on treatment chairs, massage tables, fitness equipment, and in waiting rooms.

Contact us. We will be happy to advise you and help you to find the right material for your medical facility.


Certain product groups of our skai® materials comply with the Medical Devices Act and are thus ideally suited for use in hospitals – from the waiting room to the delivery room.

The innovative materials are antibacterial and antimicrobial, impervious to bodily fluids such as urine, blood, and sweat and very easy to clean.


Geriatric care

Our functional skai® upholstery materials were especially designed for use on furniture in the contract area such as nursing homes and retirement homes. The materials offer maximum comfort, thus contributing to the wellbeing factor and creating a pleasant atmosphere for the patients’ golden years.

Physio & Fitness

Strenuous? – Not for our healthcare surfaces. skai® upholstery materials defy material hardening and breakage. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right material for your Project!

Contract Business Retail

Our materials for the retail industry are the perfect combination of decorative and functional aspects. They are always eye-catchers.

You are guaranteed to find the right material, which can be optimally coordinated with the interior design of your shop, in our large assortment.

The individual surfaces support your brands and underscore the image of the shop.

We will help you select the color, embossing, and design with consideration for minimum order amounts and produce an individual material tailored to you.

Color and feel together with technical requirements underscore the functions of the areas in shop fitting, at exhibitions, and events and are experienced more intensely by customers and interested parties.



What does your brand look like? What does it feel like? Here, you can find the right material to support your shop concept and your Story.


Exhibitions & Events

Our upholstery materials provide the right platform and surface for small talk in a relaxed atmosphere – regardless of whether at an exhibition or event. The products also withstand even lively celebrations.

In waiting or leisure areas, the skai® materials support the overall image of the room in a unique manner.


skai® Perfect Touch

Succumbed to the smooth seducer.




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