skai® Plata

skai® upholstery fabrics are resilient, easy to clean, and offer outstanding seating comfort.

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Outstanding properties of the skai® plata artificial leather

skai® Plata is a high-quality, extraordinary skai® material with an extremely finely structured elephant leather grain and an attractive matt-gloss effect. In 18 trendy colors, the upholstery material conveys a sense of exclusivity and offers a high level of comfort. Thanks to its extravagant look and feel, skai® Plata is perfectly suited to commercial use. It is used as a wall covering or seat upholstery in hotels, bars, or restaurants, for example. Our range of stocked items contains suitable materials for every application. We are also happy to customize color, print and embossing styles to meet individual wishes and ideas. skai® Plata is also increasingly being used in the fitness and medical sectors. The color range extends from understated to bright, which means the right option is available for every application.

Upholstery using easy-care material

The healthcare sector includes applications in hospitals, nursing homes, physiotherapy suites and gyms.

skai® artificial leather offers a high level of comfort, is very robust and durable and can be customized to meet individual color requirements. They also possess the features that are typical of all skai® upholstery materials.
To meet specific requirements in the healthcare sector, the skai® product range includes materials such as skai® Plata, for example. It is also highly durable, light-fast, tear-proof, easy to clean, and resistant to disinfectants and abrasion. skai® Pandoria excels on account of its resistance to urine, blood, and perspiration, and does not allow bacteria and other microorganisms to spread due to its special surface properties.
Our materials can be found on treatment chairs, massage benches, fitness equipment and in waiting areas.

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