skai NatureFeel: The innovative furniture film with a 3D synchronous structure

skai® NatureFeel: The innovative furniture film with a 3D synchronous structure

Close. Closer. As close to nature as possible in appearance and feel: skai® NatureFeel

Nature is the best model. And, at the same time, it is one that is extremely difficult to replicate. It is always a great challenge to perfectly reproduce the look or functionality of nature. This also applies to natural surfaces that have an appearance and feel that we find captivating. The new skai® NatureFeel furniture films with a 3D synchronous structure represent a new generation of materials that reproduce the uniqueness and perfection of natural surfaces as authentically as possible and bring wood decorations and other designs in the new style to life. The hand feels what the eye sees – the eye sees what the fingers touch.


skai NatureFeel: The innovative furniture film with a 3D synchronous structure

Decor meets structure. As authentic as can be: that is skai® NatureFeel

Special properties of the 3D synchronous structure

Special properties of the 3D synchronous structure

The skai® NatureFeel 3D surface is created with the help of state-of-the-art digital embossed-in-register (EIR) technology. This produces maximum synchrony between decoration and structure. The embossed skai® NatureFeel surfaces get as close as possible to the haptic and visual structures and the emotive quality of the natural material qualities of the models that they are intended to reflect. This shines the spotlight on design features relating to the structure of wood – pores, cracks, flowers, branches, hollows – with the film matching the original. All of this combines to create effective authenticity for both wood and more creative decorations while looking convincing right down to the smallest detail.

skai® NatureFeel opens up a completely new dimension in interpreting materials with the perfect combination of appearance and feel and offers new opportunities for 3D application and finishing.

skai NatureFeel Kitami

skai® NatureFeel Kitami

skai NatureFeel Hammada

skai® NatureFeel Hammada

skai_ NatureFeel Artisan

skai® NatureFeel Artisan

3D surface structure of skai NatureFeel Kitami light
3D surface structure of skai NatureFeel Hammada
3D surface structure of skai NatureFeel Artisan

skai® NatureFeel: use in furniture manufacture

The skai® NatureFeel 3D furniture films with a synchronous surface structure are suitable for the refinement of furniture surfaces on presses with or without membranes, as well as for flat lamination and jacketing. They allow a new versatile and creative decorative range of designs for surfaces, edges and shapes – for furniture that appears extraordinarily real and natural with surfaces that are, at the same time, coated in the most practical way. In short, special pieces of furniture that have the most inimitable, authentic effect in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, the living rooms and bedrooms.

The synchronous skai® NatureFeel furniture films are compatible with all stages in the production of furniture. Due to our design link program, our synergy partnerships, our diverse material range and not least our design and development skills, we enable custom solutions and unique surface designs that even go beyond the comprehensive skai® NatureFeel collection. 

What are your requirements and requests? If you are looking for something extraordinary, then please do approach us with your desired designs.

skai NatureFeel: use in furniture manufacture

Special properties of skai® NatureFeel synchronous furniture films

  • diverse and extremely versatile
  • can be customized in terms of both appearance and feel
  • highly resistant and resilient
  • compatible with different materials
  • can be worked with in 3D
  • use on all presses – with and without membranes
  • comply with different decorations and structures: edges, shapes and contours – concave and convex
  • end-to-end surface coating over radius and edges
  • realization of unique, custom solutions in the design link program with wood-based product manufacturers and decorative paper printers

Resistance and quality

Kitchen furniture standard DIN 68861 and in line with IVK directives 

Certifications according to:
IATF 16949, ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001

You can download the technical data sheets for the skai® NatureFeel 3D furniture films on the product details page.

Cleaning and maintenance

In developing our furniture surfaces, we place particular emphasis on everyday usage and making them easier to clean. You can download the detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions in the product section.

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