Continental Announces Cooperation with Innovation Lounges Hamburg

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Stylish furniture, fine fittings, unusual surface materials – all this and more awaits visitors to the Innovation Lounge, with sustainability playing a key role The showroom in the heart of Hamburg takes a holistic approach to interior design and, to this end, brings together various manufacturers from the hotel, resort and cruise industry under one roof. Now, Continental is also part of this B2B network and recently opened an associated exhibition space in the harbor city.

Pure relaxation is what most people want more than anything on their vacation. To achieve this, whether at the hotel, the resort or on a cruise ship on the high seas, a number of conditions need to be met. First and foremost comes the feel-good aspect. After all, it is not only appealing architecture and pleasant light and colors that play an important role in creating the perfect ambience for unwinding, but also the furniture and materials. In short: the overall picture has to be right. It is precisely this holistic approach that the Innovation Lounge Hamburg is pursuing, enabling various manufacturers from the hotel, resort and cruise industry to present their products for the segment in a shared showroom in the center of the harbor city. Continental is also taking advantage of the resulting synergies and is now an official partner of the Innovation Lounge Hamburg.

Continental pursues unconventional approach

The concept showroom in the heart of the Alster metropolis serves as a year-round exhibition space for the cooperation partners. This means that for twelve months of the year, visitors to the stylish metropolitan loft have the opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of products from some of the best luxury brands across all product groups.

Continental came up with something special for the presentation of its skai® upholstery fabrics. The focal point of the exhibition space is a mural that spans an entire wall and centers on the experience at high sea. In other words, it shows (almost) only sky and sea as far as the eye can see. And a few little ships dancing over the waves. These stand out three-dimensionally from the wall and are made of high-quality skai® materials that are particularly suitable for the hospitality sector. As high-tech upholstery materials, they ideally combine design and function while also setting an example in terms of sustainability. Rounding off the Continental experience in the Innovation Lounge is a stool-like exhibit that elegantly echoes the shape of a cruise ship.

Sustainable products take center stage

Among the products on display in the Innovation Lounge is skai® Evida Fiber, which is currently probably the most sustainable product in Continental’s extensive range of artificial leathers. It consists of more than 90 percent natural and renewable raw materials and bears the Oeko-Tex seal in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The functional qualities of this upholstery fabric include high abrasion and disinfectant resistance, easy-care and tear resistance as well as phthalate-free and lightfastness properties. The result is a material that is particularly durable and therefore the ideal partner for areas that experience high stress, such as on the high seas, in restaurants or hotels. skai® materials such as skai® Evida Fiber are also the perfect choice when it comes to safety, as many meet the IMO flame retardancy standard, which is important for the cruise sector.

But skai® Evida Fiber does not only impress due to its content, but also visually and in terms of comfort. The material skillfully plays out its visual charms. The special fiber structure underlines the sustainability aspect. Every object becomes an eye-catcher, also thanks to a wide range of colors. And that with a pleasantly soft feel. The skai® VyP Coffee upholstery fabric, which recently won the European Green Award, also has an impressive sustainable approach. This material is also on display in the Innovation Lounge. The special feature here is that Continental has succeeded in incorporating coffee grounds into the production process, thereby replacing more than 65 percent of conventional chemical raw materials with natural and recycled components.

In addition, visitors to Hamburg will have the opportunity to experience – live and in color – the materials skai® Tovosoft EN – an artificial leather that captivates with a voluminous flow effect [embed link to website news “Talented Trio” here] – and skai® Totexo EN – an upholstery fabric featuring a fascinating matt-gloss look!




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