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Continental presents skai surfaces at ZOW 2018

The new coated laminate skai® PureLux 2D soft is the highlight at the trade fair booth. Innovative designs bring the trend to a mixture of materials. Presentation of the new, interactive “TrendCode”

Hanover, 6 February 2018. Once again, from February 6 – 8, 2018,ZOW (the showcase in Eastern Westphalia, the established center of the furniture industry) will provide an overview of new products, innovations, and trends of the branch. The compact, focused event offers an opportunity for intense exchanges. For the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group, ZOW 2018 is the right platform at the right time. Once again, attractive surfaces using furniture films and artificial leather will be presented, but for the first time under the Continental banner. In hall 20.1 booth D 010, the company from Weissbach will show its broad portfolio of applications, including some new products, which will provide the branch with new inspiration. In addition, the trade visitors can experience the new TrendCode, an innovative, interactive tool, which is designed to inspire creators, designers, and customers.

Pure luxury in 2D
With skai® PureLux 2D soft, the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group offers a surface for the most demanding requirements for design and use. The brand-new coated laminate is impressive with added value due to its excellent coated surface. With its high degree of surface stability, it decorates furniture surfaces and elements. skai® PureLux 2D soft is impressive due to its elegant high-quality look and ultra-matte soft touch feel. The innovative finish makes the attractive furniture surface suitable for everyday use without compromising product characteristics. The film has excellent scratch and abrasion-resistant qualities. The current collection includes six trendy, fine matte, high-end, coordinated colors.

Excellent 3D elegance
With its sophisticated and elegant coated surface, whose purity and clarity set standards, skai® Perfect Touch is the gold standard in the area of matt plains. The 3-D furniture film has a very pleasant feel: not dull, but warm, it presents a direct tactile experience when approached. The surface invites you to touch it. It begs to be experienced with the senses. Soft and delicate, Perfect Touch haptically reinforces the visual impression of great value. At the same time, it is resistant to fingerprints. The film is exquisitely formable down to the tightest radii. It can be used in a variety of applications: either as an impressive standalone, in perfect harmony with designs, or as an accent in a larger ensemble. skai® Perfect Touch is guaranteed to win applause in any situation. The film received the Iconic Award: Interior Innovation – Winner 2017 and the German Design Award – Winner 2017.

Anything but perfect
The new design skai Texstone with its deliberate used character and textile look represents the current used-look trend. The rustic appearance with faded colors is marked by washed-out areas that emphasize the film’s natural character. The design is particularly striking due to its special embossing with irregular structures and an impressive finish. The more realistic, the better. Nothing has to be perfect here.

Individual character
Angular. Experimental. Individual. Idiosyncrasies, cracks, and washed-out areas on the stained bog oak are signs of natural use on skai Intra. The contrast between light and dark wood areas is one example in the story of skai® Intra. The design can be easily combined with other materials and colors.

Robust, clear, combinable
skai® Ribbeck Oak has an imposing appearance. This oak creation with end grain sections is a variation on a typical furniture design. It is eye-catching and harmonious. The mixture of natural wood characteristics creates this innovative oak character. skai Ribbeck Oak can be used in a versatile manner – it can be paired with classic stones, cement fillers, or elegant plains.

Man meets material
skai® Oxid – a strong representative of materiality with a stone-concrete-quartz look or with a metal look. Smart home and digitalization on one hand, materiality on the other. Where many things are no longer “tangible”, the feel of the material becomes important. The trends stone and metal form an uncontradicted symbiotic relationship. Materials can be mixed as desired, oftentimes with wood designs as a cozy counterpart.

Exciting contrasts
The furniture design skai® Kitami has a natural tension due to the busy material with slight discolorations and delicate fiber structures. The design and structure are coordinated with one another; the exciting contrasts between stripy and flowery areas are especially impressive. Commercial, long-lasting, and definitely not boring: these are the characteristics of this furniture design.

Homage to industrial culture
In conjunction with the new design tool TrendCode, the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group will present new products following the trend of Industrial Style at ZOW. Visitors can look forward to modern, high-quality, and technologically advanced furniture films, which perfectly implement this theme.