Group Product Manager Interior

Successful in Moscow

Mebel trade fair in Moscow was very successful for the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group. Because it was very well attended, the new products at the company’s booth received a great deal of attention.

In the upholstery area, these were especially the materials skai® Tolaris EN, skai® Tokio EN, and skai® Solino EN, which are impressive due to their premium and detailed surface structures.

In the area of furniture films, the trade visitors exhibited a great deal of interest in the new films from the stock program. They particularly focused on skai® Oxid, skai® Texstone, skai® Wotan Oak, skai® Sahara, skai® Intra, skai® Colore Structure, as well as skai® Perfect Touch.

Not only the number of trade visitors but also the high quality of the discussions gave the entire skai® team a reason to celebrate.