Elmar Zschau
Head of Architect Relations

Textile dinner with tree courses

On 15 March, 45 interior architects and one designer met with us, Continental Living Solutions, in the AIT Salon in the former substation of the city of Munich for the AIT textile dinner with three courses. In addition to the AIT Salon, the restaurant Mural and MUCA – Germany’s first museum for urban art, are located in this unusual building in the heart of Munich.

The interested and creative guests embarked on the adventure of this journey of art, architecture, materiality of textiles and the enjoyment of food within the current installation “never demolish” of the French architects Lacaton and Vassal in the AIT Salon.

Speaking from a culinary standpoint, the guests were treated to an exquisite and fine cuisine by the restaurant Mural, which appealed to all senses.

The excellent speakers Oliver Franz Schmidt from Elequipo Creativo from Barcelona as well as Andrea Weitz and Jens Wendland from raumkontor Düsseldorf impressed the participants with their reports regarding the use of the textiles in their own projects.

Bruno Lehmann, Vice President Interior, and Ramona Oudille, Architect Relation Manager, both from the Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group, Continental’s surface specialist, added to the evening with a company presentation and a prediction for the trends in 2018.

The event was developed and designed by Kristina Bacht (AIT) and our colleague, Ramona Oudille. The numerous guests were delighted and look forward to another event with Continental Living Solution in the AIT Salon in Munich. In the runup to the Münchner Textilfrühling, we hope for a repeat during the coming year.