Silvia Baumann
Product Manager Interior

The Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group in the Hotelkompetenzzentrum

The Hotelkompetenzzentrum in Oberschleißheim

The Hotelkompetenzzentrum (hotel competence center) in Oberschleißheim is an information and event platform with more than 5,500 square meters of exhibition space, making it a fully functional hotel floor and a restaurant area for professionals. Hoteliers, restaurateurs, as well as architects, planners, or investors can test technical solutions for the hotel and restaurant industries here. The exhibits range from software programs and locking systems to dispensing and refrigeration systems to a fully functional hotel floor. Here, visitors can see in real-time how design and technology harmonize – an important part of planning hotel projects.

Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group is represented with skai®

The Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group also has a booth in the Hotelkompetenzzentrum. The genuine samples are directed at architects, interior decorators, and designers in particular, as well as hoteliers, restaurateurs, and investors and allow them to experience surfaces that meet the highest design requirements and are functionally impressive.


Hotel & Care – the innovative combination of hotel and nursing rooms

On September 14, 29 partner companies presented the project “Hotel & Care” with the motto “Hotel stays for everyone” in the Hotelkompetenzzentrum in Oberschleißheim. The project is a symbiosis of hotel comfort and care quality. The goal is to develop hotel rooms that are designed for the needs of persons requiring care or people with disabilities without making them look like a nursing room. The Benecke-Hornschuch Surface Group is involved in the project, together with Brunner, through the provision of furniture with skai® materials for the exhibit. The bed headboards and seats in the two sample rooms were covered with the upholstery materials skai® Parotega NF in the color fuchsia, with skai® Sotega FLS in the color petrol, and with skai® Parotega NF in the shade birch. skai® Parotega NF in the colors birch and light beige was used on the chairs. They were manufactured by Brunner.

A gap in the hotel market – handicapped-accessible hotel rooms

“With Hotel & Care, we are closing a gap in the hotel market”, explained Christian Peter, executive director of the Hotelkompetenzzentrum. Visibly proud, he thanked all of his partners, who have made this project possible. In a ceremony, he opened the sample rooms together with the department head of the Hotelkompetenzzentrum, Peter Nistelberger. Visitors from the hotel, restaurant, and nursing industries as well as representatives from architecture and planning offices were greeted by two fully functional, handicapped-accessible hotel rooms with various design ideas and inspirations: ideas and inspirations: ideas and inspirations: ideas and inspirations: ideas and inspirations:

Both sample rooms – one double room and one single room – offer handicapped-accessible features with a sophisticated room design and a high-quality hotel look. The rooms demonstrate how easily hotel comfort and handicapped accessibility can be harmonized. The experts were impressed.

“We wanted to show hoteliers how they can meet individual wishes in a more targeted fashion with more clever planning and reach new target groups without risking vacancies”, explained Peter Nistelberger. The Hotelkompetenzzentrum designed the concept together with Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Schricker from the Deutsches Institut für Innenarchitektur und Design (DID) for this.

skai® offers the healthcare industry products with special characteristics

If you are looking for upholstery or wall covering materials for the healthcare industry, visit our product overview page and select the healthcare category. Here, you will find materials with characteristics such as resistance to disinfectants, blood, and urine as well as products that meet the Medical Devices Act.