skai Sofelto EN  lightbeige

skai Sofelto EN lightbeige

A delicate skin structure that adepts an African antelope’s fur. The color accentuation of the grain valleys coupled with slightly shining tops create a sophisticated iridescent effect. Its stunning visual appeal opens up new design possibilities when using this material.
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skai Sofelto EN  lightsilver
skai Sofelto EN  lightbeige
skai Sofelto EN  pebble
skai Sofelto EN  purple
skai Sofelto EN  anthracite
Folder skai Sofelto EN
Collection Sofelto EN
Thickness 1.6 mm
Width 1500 mm
Roll length 30 m
Coating approx. 73% PVC-compound
Backing ca. 25% CO-fabric
Paint ca. 2% PU-finish
Material Vinyl
Martindale 100.000 invers
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