structure Sanremo basalt       0,43 1450

structure Sanremo basalt 0,43 1450

skai® structure surfaces stand for realistic, deeply embossed, tangible designs, which perfectly match the respective character.
structure Sanremo softwhite    0,43 1450
structure Sanremo nature      0,43 1420
structure Sanremo whitegrey    0,43 1420
structure Sanremo rustic     0,43 1420
structure Sanremo basalt       0,43 1450
Product data
1. Material dimensions
You can find the material thickness and roll width in the product title. The material thickness is listed in mm immediately after the product name, followed by the roll width in mm. These values can vary within the assortment.
2. Individual production runs
Design, color, and embossing can be customized and produced for volumes of 3,000 running meters (3D film) or 5,000 running meters (2D film) and more. Contact us. We will be happy to advise you further.
3. Design synergy
Each of our surfaces originated in our internal Design Center. We can often utilize synergies between different business units, customers and partners and apply one design to various materials. For you as a customer, this means holistic design solutions from one source.
Patrick Holz
Product Management