skai® on Bord

The metal lamination film skai® designline FR is brand-new in the Interior Portfolio. The high-quality film is especially used as a wall covering in cabins, corridors, and lounges inside the ship, especially cruise ships.

skai® designline FR (flame-retardant)

The pallet ranges from calm plain colors to subdued and stylish wood and textile structures to extravagant fantasy designs. On the high seas, there are no limits to individual shipbuilding wishes with regard to design, color, and function of the lamination films.


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Fine Woods

Lamination film with a wood look for wall decoration on cruise ships

The “Wood” theme world offers a broad portfolio of metal films equipped with IMO with a genuine wood look for interior decoration of cruise ships. Here, we utilize synergy effects from other business fields. For example, Continental has a broad knowhow in film production for 2D and 3D furniture films as well as exterior films that are used on window profiles, doors, and garage doors. Here, the high-quality wood designs not only look very authentic, they also feel like wood. Look and feel always form a whole. They are used as wall coverings and therefore contribute to the on-board feeling of wellbeing.


Individualist and Team Player

Plain color metal film equipped with IMO

With its large selection of trend-oriented plain colors for the interior design of ships, this theme world creates inspiring accents in any room. The sedate spectrum of colors for coverings from white to gray to blue makes the combination of the metal lamination films with the trendy skai® wood and fantasy decors perfect. We will work with you to provide any color you wish. Even when used by themselves, the versatile plain color metal lamination films provide inspiration, style, and class when decorating cabin walls and corridors below deck. 


Pure Structure

Structure & feel for shipbuilding

With textile structures and stone variations, the designs from the “Structure” theme world spread a feeling of wellbeing and gives shipbuilders unlimited design possibilities. The attractive metal lamination films sometimes have fantasy designs, sometimes they are based on natural models and beautify the interior walls of the cruise ship. By the way, the fine colors can be ideally combined with the trendy plain colors. They are just the thing for a classic-elegant interior design concept on the high seas. All of our films in this assortment meet IMO FTPC P5.


Visionary Surfaces

Exclusive films for cabin wall coverings

Whether used alone or in combination – the designs of the “Exclusive” theme world are the perfect choice for interior paneling and are stylishly and elegantly impressive. Extraordinary and extravagant designs set accents on the interior panels and fit perfectly onto the exclusive world of a cruise ship. The modern, sometimes glossy metallic designs of these IMO metal films can be perfectly combined with plain colors.

Product design & embossing variety

Individual product design

We offer customer-specific production runs of the film for wall coverings. Together, we create a surface, which meets your design, color, and embossing ideas.


Embossings, like colors and printing, are an indispensable part of designing our films for interior decorating. They determine the feel, the degree of gloss, and ultimately the overall impression of the material. The goal is to create particularly realistic structures based on nature, to give plain colored films an individualistic character, and to breathe life into Fantasy designs. 

Technical details