skai® Neptun

skai® materials are highly innovative upholstery fabrics. The artificial leather is suitable for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outside. Unique embossing designs give the surface materials an extremely high-end look.

skai® Neptun Caleri

High-quality upholstery fabric with a fine leather grain and in attractive colors.

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skai® Neptun Pescara

Top-quality upholstery material with a classic cowhide leather grain. The stunning range includes 11 trendy colors.

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skai® Neptun artificial leather

Artificial leather for the outdoor area

The superior skai® upholstery materials provide interior designers and planners with a wide range of design options. As well as our materials for interiors, we also offer a wide range of materials for outdoor use. In addition to their high-quality designs, they also possess excellent properties that are exactly what’s required here.

skai® Neptun for outdoor furniture

skai® Neptun, for example, meets all requirements for use on upholstered furniture in a demanding outside environment as an outdoor upholstery covering. The material is robust and resistant to all external impacts.

Garden furniture

A nano-coating makes the material extremely resistant to soiling and weathering. This makes it extremely well suited for use on garden furniture. It can even be put by the pool in full sunlight as it is waterproof as well as chlorine and UV light resistant.

Commercial furniture

All other properties of the extremely robust material skai® Neptun are also well above the norm. This makes the surface material a successful long-term seller for outdoor spaces, for example in street cafes and restaurants with a terrace, but also for the outdoor spaces of public facilities.

skai® Neptun for boats

Above all, however, the saltwater-resistant skai® Neptun is the first choice for naval applications on boats, yachts and cruise ships. The upholstery cover fabric is available in the embossings Caleri and Pescara. The broad colour palette of skai® Neptun Caleri includes trend colours such as atoll, shark-grey and cherry. At skai® Neptun Pescara, equally impressive colours create a modern ambience.

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