skai® Oak Furniture Foil

Our furniture foils in elegant, rustic wood look are inspiring accents in every room. We are the world’s market leader in this segment, with touching surfaces and materials that score highly in durability and natural look. Thanks to the special embossing that is precisely adapted to the decorative foil, our thermo-laminate in oak look is especially natural and captivates with a pleasantly natural feel. With our materials, the room will see the desired appreciation. Designs such as skai® Riviera Oak or Sanremo Oak follow the trend toward new comfort, as well as the increasing degree of individualization.

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Areas of Use for the Furniture Foil


For example, the oak skai® furniture foil decorates cupboards in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, or in the bedroom. The materials are particularly convincing thanks to their natural look and durability.

Finishing Chests of Drawers

Our 2D- and 3D-formable furniture foils are used for the industrial processing of all types of box furniture, such as chests of drawers, living room wall elements, and tables. The jointless edge is also not a problem.

Various Styles

Today, modern furniture is generally decorated by a vibrant wood decorative foil, such as oak. Of course, you can also obtain from us almost all types of wood in different designs and types as a foil.

Furniture Foil, Rough-hewn Oak

The wood decorative foils in rough-hewn oak look are decorative foils with integrated traces of processing or wear. Ideal for furnishing cottages or country homes that are intended to radiate a pristine charm.


The decorative foils in an antique style are particularly used and at the same time handcrafted. One example of this is the skai® Sonoma oak furniture foil with its somewhat rough grain. The mostly bright decorative foil has proven itself on the market for years and is one of the bestsellers.


The skai® Stirling oak decorative foil, on the other hand, is very rustic with striking branch bases, branches in narrow flowers and swirls. The wood structure has negative pores and fine core cracks. These elements and the dark color amplify the natural character. Thanks to the special embossing RUSTICO, the decorative foil not only looks like wood, it also feels like it.

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