skai® 2D PET coated laminate furniture films

With skai® PureLux 2D soft, we offer a market-leading product for the most demanding requirements for design and use.

The coated laminate sets standards with its unique feel and innovative surface finish. With it, you can beautify furniture surfaces and various wood materials. Typical areas of application are kitchen, bathroom, living room, and standalone furniture. In general, all flat 2D-furniture surfaces and wood elements can be embellished with coated laminate.

Our current trendy colors are all available with coordinated colors.

Construction of the 2D coated laminate furniture foil

Coated laminate is a multilayer PET film, which is characterized by particularly good resistance to scratching and abrasion. The highly lightfast material consists of a colored base film, which is covered with a UV coating and a transparent, protective film. In contrast with a real painted surface, the substrate is not directly painted but rather covered by a high-quality UV PET film in this case.

skai® PureLux 2D soft is currently available in thicknesses of 0.20, 0.25, and 0.3 millimeters and a width of 1.280 millimeters (additional widths upon request). 

Our coated laminate is available without primer on the back in the standard form.

If you would like, however, we would also be happy to supply it to you with primer on the back.

Processing of the 2D furniture foil

Thanks to its optimal processing and use characteristics, the two-dimensional, coated laminate is well suited for use in flat laminating and profile wrapping systems for the surface treatment of wood materials.

Matte surface with soft-touch effect

As a specialist for matte soft-touch surfaces, we developed a reasonably priced yet first-class alternative to conventional, painted furniture fronts with skai® PureLux 2D. The environmentally friendly PET-based laminate is impressive with positive characteristics such as high surface stability and very low maintenance requirements.

Additional advantages are longevity and special anti-finger print coating; this makes fingerprints practically invisible. As a result, the fine look of your furniture surface remains intact for a long time in spite of daily use. As with all of our products, here too, we place a great deal of emphasis on a realistic and natural appearance.




Our long-lasting furniture film combines sustainability and elegance. 

In addition, skai® PureLux 2D soft helps to conserve resources, as it can be disposed of in a 100% environmentally friendly manner in compliance with local, government regulations. The coated laminate is REACH-compliant like all of our surfaces. 

With skai® PureLux 2D soft, you are choosing a design-oriented product, which is also very environmentally friendly – halogen-free and recyclable



Characteristics of skai® PureLux 2D soft

  • anti-finger print coating
  • very lightfast
  • high scratch and abrasion resistance due to UV coating
  • high surface stability
  • easy-to-care for
  • REACH- compliant & very good chemical resistance
  • recyclable & environmentally friendly
  • very good processing and use characteristics

color selection

You can find an overview of our current – coordinated – color palette here