Print skai® artificial leather digitally!

Print artificial leather digitally: The skai® digital print collection is ideal for small series and individual projects. The following 17 designs are part of our stock collection and can be bought by the roll. For additional information, click on your favorites.

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Your individual digital print – this is how!

1. You have a project with at least 100 linear meters, which you would like to adorn with printed artificial leather.
2. Now, select your basic product: The high-quality upholstery materials skai® Pandoria Plus and skai® Toledo EN are the basic grades (without embossing).

digital print Toledo Basis

Substrate: approx. 84% PVC-Compound, approx. 16% PES knit


Select your basic grade!

The materials differ in their flame retardant properties and substrate.

digital print Pandoria Basis 

Substrate: approx. 85% PVC-Compound, approx. 12% BW/PES knit, approx. 3% PVC-PU finish





digital print Toledo Basis

Flame protection: EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS-0+1, MVSS 302

 digital print Pandoria Basis

Flame protection: NF M2, BS 5852 IS-0+1, DIN EN 1021-1+2, DIN 4102 (Part 1, B2), MVSS 302, DIN 53438 (Part 2)

3. You can select from 3 different embossings. These are SAND, TEXTILE, and LEATHER.

Design: SAND

Embossing: PANDORIA

Embossing roller: M272

Design: TEXTIL

Embossing: PANAMA

Embossing roller: M358

Design: LEDER

Embossing: SORRENTO

Embossing roller: M403

4. You have print data with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for us.
5. This will be printed digitally directly onto the basic artificial leather material and then coated with a finish.
6. ...and this is what your final printed artificial leather result could look like!



skai® digital print Rio
skai® digital print Cintia