skai cool colors Valero  navy blue

skai® cool colors Valero navy blue

High-quality skai® upholstery fabrics with cool colors technology reduce heating of the surface in direct sunlight and are particularly suitable for outdoor applications: skai® cool colors Vigo features a modern textile look, skai® cool colors Valero has a fine, high-grade leather grain and is color-coordinated with skai® cool colors Vigo.
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skai cool colors Valero  white
skai cool colors Valero  lightgrey
skai cool colors Valero  saddle
skai cool colors Valero  navy blue
navy blue
skai cool colors Valero  steelgray
skai cool colors Valero  black
Grosor 1.3 mm
Anchura 1400 mm
Longitud del rollo 30 m
Revestimiento approx. 85% PVC-compound
Apoyo ca. 13% PES-knitted polyester
Pintura ca. 2% Nano-Hightec-Compound
Aplicación outdoor, indoor
Material Vinyl
Ámbito de aplicación Outdoor, Residential, Retail, Healthcare, Public Area, Hospitality
Protección contra la llama NF M1, DIN EN4102-B2, IMO FTPC 8 (intern assurance), Classe Uno IM, IMO FTPC 8 (certificate)
Propiedades del material highly resistant to abrasions, resistant to blood and urine, resistant to chlorine, resistant to disinfectants, easy-to-clean, langlebig, lightfast, fulfills REACh requirements, reißfest, resistant to saltwater, waterproof, öl- und fettbeständig, bewitterungsstabil
Martindale 100.000 invers