skai Neptun Caleri  atoll

skai® Neptun Caleri atoll

High-quality upholstery material with a fine leather grain. The material is especially used in sophisticated outdoor and contract applications. It is particularly well-suited for boats and yachts.
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Folder skai Neptun Collection
Collection Neptun
Grosor 1 mm
Anchura 1400 mm
Longitud del rollo 30 m
Revestimiento approx. 88% PVC-compound
Apoyo ca. 10% PES-knitted polyester
Pintura ca. 2% Nano-Hightec-Compound
Aplicación indoor, outdoor
Material Vinyl
Ámbito de aplicación Hospitality, Public Area, Healthcare, Retail, Residential, Outdoor, Fitness
Protección contra la llama IMO FTPC 8 (certificate), Classe Uno IM, IMO FTPC 8 (intern assurance), DIN EN4102-B2, NF M1
Propiedades del material fulfills REACh requirements, easy-to-clean, resistant to disinfectants, waterproof, resistant to blood and urine, highly resistant to abrasions, langlebig, reißfest, resistant to chlorine, resistant to saltwater, öl- und fettbeständig, bewitterungsstabil, vegan, UV-stable, lightfast
Martindale 300.000 invers
Expertos en piel sintética skai®
Expertos en piel sintética skai®
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