skai Sotega Stars  pearl

skai® Sotega Stars pearl

skai® Sotega Stars is a high-quality upholstery material with a fi ne leather structure and a very att racti ve look. The material is parti cularly sort and very similar to high-quality nappa leather. The fi ne metallic look conveys modernity, elegance and charm. Furniture or walls covered in skai® Sotega Stars improve any decor.
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skai Sotega Stars  pearl
skai Sotega Stars  platino
skai Sotega Stars  bronce
skai Sotega Stars  brass
skai Sotega Stars  lead
skai Sotega Stars  flint
Grosor 1.7 mm
Anchura 1500 mm
Longitud del rollo 30 m
Revestimiento approx. 73% PVC-compound
Apoyo ca. 25% CO-fabric
Pintura ca. 2% PU-finish
Aplicación indoor
Material Vinyl
Ámbito de aplicación Hospitality, Retail, Residential
Propiedades del material fulfills REACh requirements, easy-to-clean, langlebig, reißfest
Martindale 50.000 invers
Expertos en piel sintética skai®
Expertos en piel sintética skai®
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