skai® cool colors technology
skai® cool colors technology

Heat-free as standard: The patented skai® cool colors technology

Dark surfaces heat up more than light surfaces in the sun. A fact that plays a role for vinyl window profiles, especially in southern countries. The more heat is transferred to the profile system, the more unstable it becomes. And the darker the colour, the greater is the risk of damage to the window in hot regions. But because the market also demands dark colors and designs, we developed the skai® cool colors technology.


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How does skai® cool colors work?

This innovation ensures that the window heats up noticeably less. Special pigments reduce the thermal effect of the near infrared radiation of the sun. Thanks to the patented skai® cool colors technology, the predominant share of this radiation does not penetrate into the profile, but is reflected by the surface. The penetration of heat into the profile is clearly lower, the surface remains “cool” and the form of the window remains stable.


skai cool colors technology
skai cool colors: Spectral reflection from two surfaces

Spectral reflection from two surfaces

The skai® film tannengrün with cool colors technology (blue curve) reflects 4 times better than a corresponding standard film (red curve).

Daylight shot

No difference at first glance: The daylight photo shows a conventional film on the left and the cool colors window profile film skai® Staufereiche on the right.

The daylight image shows a conventional film (left) and the cool colors window profile film Staufereiche (right).
High reflection characteristics of the <b>skai®</b> cool colors film

Special camera shows high reflection properties

The special camera proves the high reflection characteristics of the skai® cool colors film (right in the picture, bright) in comparison to a standard film.

skai® cool colors Exterior films for use in hot climate regions

Thus, skai® cool colors extends the life of the window. Now, we equip about 80 colors and designs with cool colors technology. The original, which premiered in 2006, is still the standard and has spawned numerous copycats.

A further development is skai® cool colors PLUS, which is additionally equipped with a white base layer and thus is even more effective. In this way, a dark base is completely neutralized. Therefore, it is especially suited for extreme climate conditions.

skai® cool colors usage on window profiles
skai® cool colors usage on window profiles
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