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Continental mattex

Matte. Extremely so. Continental mattex.

Continental woodec surfaces

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Continental jet black

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Continental cool colors technology

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Continental films for outdoor use on windows, facades, doors and gates

Versatile and practically indestructible - this and much more is contained in the material properties of our Continental films for outdoor use. Today, builders, architects and planners can choose from a variety of colours, embossings and decors for window profiles, door leaves, garage doors and façade elements. This is made possible by the coating with weather-resistant foil, which not only enhances the appearance of the building element but also provides lasting protection. As a surface specialist and innovation leader, with our Continental outer film we have made a major contribution to the fact that foiling is becoming more and more popular.

Conti® film for window frames and window profiles

Continental film for window frames and window profiles

Window profile film is almost unbeatable in the design of PVC windows. Continental products are long-lasting, easy to clean and, with a variety of colours and decors, the uniformity of the surfaces is convincing. The windows fit so perfectly to the front door or garage door - everything seems to be one piece.

Continental films for front doors and garage doors

For a uniform overall picture of the building envelope we also offer Continental exterior foils for front doors and garage doors. A certain colour or decor - the choice ranges from plain to wood or metal optics - can thus be used uniformly for various building elements.

Conti® film for front doors and garage doors
Conti® facade film for the individual design of facades

Continental facade film for the individual design of facades

In addition to use on windows, front doors and garage doors, Continental outer films are also used on facades. Advantage: They defy wind and weather, are maintenance-free and durable. Wood decors provide a natural appearance and metal decors create a technical appearance.

Technologies for outdoor films from Continental

In close dialogue with the customer's technology and development, we tailor the skai® films for outdoor use exactly to the needs of the market. The patented Continental cool colors technology is still the benchmark today. Our far-reaching guarantees strengthen confidence in the performance of the outer film. In Germany, for example, more than 30 percent of window profiles are already laminated; in the rest of Europe, the proportion of laminated surfaces is comparable or even higher, and the trend continues to rise.

We also contribute our expertise to leading specialist committees such as the RAL Quality Association. We are involved in the expert working group and contribute to the design of future quality guidelines. But in addition to technical competence, we are also a leader in design: our innovations set trends for the industry.


skai® mattex surfaces

skai® mattex is the most matte covering for plastic profiles available on the market today. The sand-matte surface texture in stylish colors impresses with its realistic aluminum look and high temperature resistance.


Conti® woodec Surfaces

Continental woodec Surfaces

Continental woodec is the innovation for the trendy design of building elements. The deeply embossed and very matt surface in wood look leaves window profiles particularly high-quality and amazingly authentic.

Continental cool colors technology

Thanks to the patented Continental cool colors technology, most of the sun's near-infrared radiation does not penetrate the window profile but is reflected by the surface. The heat input into the profile is significantly lower, the surface heats up less and the window remains dimensionally stable.


Conti® cool colors technology
Conti® cool colors PLUS technology

Continental cool colors PLUS technology

Exterior films with Continental cool colors PLUS technology are predestined for use in extreme climatic regions. The 3-layer structure ensures an even greater reduction in heat absorption, especially with dark window profiles that are exposed to strong sunlight.


Continental jet black

Continental jet black fascinates above all by its deep black optics and scores with outstanding technical characteristics. The innovative coating with cool colors technology remains permanently color and dimensionally stable even under extreme weather conditions - ideal for construction elements such as windows, doors and garage doors.

Conti® jet black coating
TSR test method for window profile foils

Continental TSR test method

Continental relies on an innovative test method in the development of its window profile foils that can measure and predict thermal behavior in the presence of solar radiation in the laboratory more accurately than ever before: the TSR test method.


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Leading position in the market

There are many good reasons why we occupy a leading position on the market in terms of quality. One of them is that we often do more than necessary. All of our films are subjected to time-lapse weather simulation in complex tests in our own weathering center. The weathering performance of the latest generation of outer films can be rated around 50 percent higher than that of previous film types.

A total of eight xenon test devices are available in our own weathering centre in Weißbach. Here, up to 1,700 samples can be weathered simultaneously. Worldwide, we also weather outdoors at four locations - in southern France, Florida, Arizona and Australia. We regularly present the latest developments at the leading trade fairs in Germany and abroad. We visit the most important congresses and conferences and participate in expert working groups within the framework of the RAL Quality Assurance Association.

Weather simulation in our own weathering center
Weather simulation in our own weathering center
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