skai jet black
skai jet black

Conti® jet black – The innovative, deep black coating with cool colors technology

Unique and elegant coating for construction elements

The new product reminds one of the dark black stone known as jet – an impregnated petrified wood that is transitioning from brown coal to bituminous coal. This gave rise to the term Continental jet black for the darkest black on the market. Black is always an option, classic, timeless, and elegant. Now, the black trend has arrived in construction elements as windows, doors and garage doors. Continental jet black is in the spirit of the times and is therefore popular with design-conscious builders, planners, and architects.


Robust - permanently colour and dimensionally stable coating

Continental jet black scores with excellent technical characteristics. The innovative, new, dark black coating with cool colors technology retains its color and form over the long term, even under extreme weather conditions.

Versatile embossings

Continental jet black is especially fascinating due to its dark black look. The design is available with a matt sand embossing, with a natural wood embossing, and with a very fine gloss embossing.

The high-quality look of Continental jet black perfectly matches modern, rectilinear architecture. Here, black creates trendy accents, ensures exciting contrasts, and still looks harmonious.

skai jet black usage window profil
skai jet black usage window profil
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