skai® woodec surfaces

Conti® woodec surface – Matt Touch. Wood Look.

Continental woodec is the innovation for the trendy decoration of construction elements. It creates a bridge from the modern Scandinavian-style interior decoration with its great naturalness and light colors to the outdoor area. The expressive designs are impressive due to their modern, vivid colors. The deep embossing and the extremely matt ­finish with a wood look has a very highquality appearance and combines the comfortable atmosphere of the interior with a real-wood look in the outdoor area.

Matt Touch: Unique matt finish for window profiles

Continental woodec designs are characterized by a unique matt finish and deep embossing. The perfect combination gives window prof­iles a particularly high-quality and realistic look. Feel it for yourself!


skai woodec designs are characterized by a unique matt finish and deep embossing
skai woodec ensures a perfect genuine wood look

Wood Look: Indistinguishable from a wooden window

With expressive and modern designs, Continental woodec ensures a perfect genuine wood look. Almost indistinguishable from a wooden window, it enhances the appearance of the building shell.

Conti® woodec surface

The innovative Continental woodec surface brings the trend of natural living to the window. The astoundingly realistic wood look combines the outside with the inside and brings look and feel into perfect harmony. Experience it for yourself!

skai® woodec surface
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