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Use of the website, product liability

The information on this website is non-binding and is made available exclusively for informational purposes. It is only of an informative nature and does not represent offers as defined in the relevant legal regulations. Further information and contractual conditions can be obtained through the responsible authorized dealers. It is not possible for a contract relating to goods presented to arise on the basis of the information contained on the website.

The information on the website and the products and services described in that information can be changed or updated by Konrad Hornschuch AG at any time and without prior notice. Unless explicitly stated elsewhere, the Continental websites contain no guarantees or quality descriptions for which Konrad Hornschuch AG is liable – either explicit or tacit – nor with respect to the topicality, accuracy, completeness and quality of the information.

Konrad Hornschuch AG does not assume any liability in conjunction with its websites. Liability for any direct or indirect damages, compensation claims, consequential damages of any kind and on any legal basis arising from access to or use of the website, and particularly in connection with virus infections of users’ computing environments, is excluded.

For the purposes of the establishment and fulfillment of obligations as well as the liability of Konrad Hornschuch AG for Continental products and services, the sole binding authority in each case is the respective contractual agreements including the terms and conditions of Konrad Hornschuch AG in their respective current versions.


Links to other websites

The website contains links to external websites belonging to third parties, over which Konrad Hornschuch AG has no influence concerning content. Therefore, Konrad Hornschuch AG also cannot accept any liability for this other content. The page’s respective provider or operator is always responsible for the contents of the linked pages. The linked pages were checked for possible legal violations at the time the links were created. Unlawful content was not detected at the time the links were created. However, ongoing inspection of the content of the linked pages is not reasonable without concrete indication of a legal violation. Konrad Hornschuch AG will immediately remove the relevant links if they are found to violate any law.


Worldwide availability of products

This website may contain information about Continental products which are not available in your country. The existence of such information on this website does not imply an intention on the part of Konrad Hornschuch AG to assert the availability of any such products everywhere in the world. Please inquire through your Continental dealership or representative to learn more about the future plans for products that are not currently available to you.


Brands and copyright laws

© Copyright 2023 Continental Aktiengesellschaft, Vahrenwalder Str. 9, 30165 Hannover, Germany ("Continental AG") и/или его Аффилированные компании.

Continental AG и его Аффилированные компании ("Аффилированная компания" означает любое юридическое лицо, которое прямо или косвенно контролирует, контролируется или находится под общим контролем с Continental AG, при этом "контроль" означает прямое или косвенное владение более чем 50 % прав голоса или капитала такого юридического лица. Любое такое юридическое лицо будет считаться аффилированной компанией Continental AG только до тех пор, пока существует такой контроль.) сохраняют за собой любые права на свои торговые марки, коммерческие обозначения, названия произведений и/или любые другие виды своей интеллектуальной собственности, изображенные и/или используемые на этих сайтах. Ничто на этих сайтах не должно толковаться как предоставление какой-либо лицензии или иного права на использование любой интеллектуальной собственности, принадлежащей Continental AG и/или ее аффилированным компаниям. Любая интеллектуальная собственность, принадлежащая Continental AG и/или ее Аффилированным компаниям, может быть использована только с предварительного письменного согласия Continental AG и/или ее соответствующих Аффилированных компаний, если это не разрешено действующим законодательством.



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