Kunstleder in metallic für den gehobenen Objektbereich

Artificial leather by skai® in metallic

Metallics have become an integral part of the upholstery landscape. They transform furniture and walls into real eye-catchers, especially in the upscale contract sector. The way in which they play with one’s expectations – they look hard, yet are soft to the touch – has made them incredibly popular and inspires many interior designers and planners to come up with new ideas.

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Artificial leather in metallic for the contract sector

The high-quality skai® Metallic shades look stylish and contemporary. Whether as subtle accents or prominent features, they captivate the observer with their interplay of light and shade, casting a spell over them. They refract light in different directions depending on where the observer is standing. The opulent colors – including silver metallic, gold metallic, copper and bronze – conjure up a beautiful sheen, creating wonderful counterpoints in modern interiors. The cover materials, which we produce as goods sold by the meter in entire roll units, are perfect for these applications.

Upholstery, furniture and wall design

The modern, glossy metallic designs can be harmoniously combined with single colors, lending cushions, upholstery fabrics and walls a truly exclusive look. They are at the vanguard of the drive toward a new kind of plastic material, one that does not seek to perfectly imitate natural textures – like imitation leather – but that boasts its own unique designs such as the two new products skai® Tokio EN and skai® Tolaris EN. Delicate and futuristic – that is skai® Tokio EN. The prestigious cross-grinding technique is taking the trend for metallics to the extreme. Nanoscale accuracy produces a unique result that deceives the senses: The Metallic colors refract light in ever-shifting patterns as the observer changes position. skai® Tokio EN has received the following accolades: Interior Innovation Award 2015 – Selection and German Design Award 2016 – Winner. Talking of which, this surface is also available as a furniture foil, with the KREUZSCHLIFF embossing style the worthy winner of an Iconic Award 2016: Interior Innovation. The skai® Tolaris EN upholstery fabric, too, changes appearance depending on the lighting conditions and boasts an amazing 3D sense of depth. This effect is produced by clusters of hexagons arranged in an offset pattern, which join together to form a rhombus. To the observer, each group of three rhombus shapes looks like three sides of a cube, creating a fantastic illusion. The lacquer reinforces this effect. skai® Tolaris EN was the jury’s favorite at the Interior Innovation Award 2015. It also made it onto the podium at the red dot award: product design 2015, and then there was the gold award at the Materialica Design + Technology Award 2015.

Durable and easy-care material

Our artificial leather by skai® materials feature outstanding quality, workmanship, durability and ease of care and can withstand intensive use. Their attractive, flexible and robust appearance makes them perfect for everyday use and incredibly versatile. The outstanding surfaces are largely flame-retardant, making them ideal for use in the health sector, the hospitality industry and the restaurant and hotel sector. They are suitable for outdoor applications too, such as on boats or yachts.

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