skai® Digital Print – print faux leather with your individual design

In collaboration with the skai® experts, you can create custom digital print designs and print one of our high-quality artificial leathers – to suit your project. You create your desired design and choose material quality, embossing, color or repeat pattern.

Artificial leather with individual digital print

The designs can be customized and modified with regard to color, size and repeat pattern, offering endless design possibilities for interior designers and contract outfitters. The selected design is printed digitally on two different artificial leather material qualities. There are three options for embossing: A fine sand texture, a typical fabric texture or a classic leather grain.

High material quality of skai® artificial leather

The selected designs are printed digitally on two different basic products.
There are two high-quality skai® upholstery fabrics to choose from:


skai® Pandoria Base

approx. 85% PVC-Compound
approx. 12% BW/PES knit





(left) skai® Pandoria Base
approx. 85% PVC-Compound
approx. 12% BW/PES knit

skai® Toledo EN Base (right)
approx. 84% PVC-Compound
approx. 16% PES knit

skai® Toledo EN Base

approx. 84% PVC-Compound
approx. 16% PES knit


Different embossings of the synthetic leather

Three structures can be selected for embossing:
From the fine SAND to the typical TEXTILE to the classic LEATHER structure. 

Design: SAND

Embossing: PANDORIA

Embossing roller: M272

Design: TEXTIL

Embossing: PANAMA

Embossing roller: M358

Design: LEDER

Embossing: SORRENTO

Embossing roller: M403

Free sample print on selected upholstery material

You will receive a free digitally-printed A3 sample with your design on the selected substrate. This ensures that the color and scale always match your ideas.
You would like to get an idea of the high-quality materials for yourself? We look forward to hearing from you!


Advantages of skai® digital printing

Freedom of design

Digital printing makes it possible to create almost any design in any color. With digital printing, there is also the possibility to use much larger repeats than is possible with the conventional gravure printing process.

Lower minimum quantities

Thanks to digital printing, we can produce quantities starting at 50 m.

Environmentally friendly:

"Printing on Demand" consumes only the materials and energy necessary to complete a single job. This will reduce water consumption and waste less inks and fabrics.


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