FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You can access our product filter by clicking on the 'Product' tab. Select the desired criteria in order to generate a selection of materials that meet your requirements. Click on the products that appeal to you. Highlight the color from which you wish to have a sample and click 'Place Sample into Basket'. Repeat this process for other samples.

When you have finished selecting your samples, click in the top right corner of the page to view your basket. A few of your details will then be requested and after that, you samples will be on their way straight to you.


Simply note the desired number of samples in the 'comment' section after you have entered your contact details.


Postage for your first order of samples is free. Furthermore, we are always happy to help you find the right material for your needs. In cases of exceptionally large order quantities, we reserve the right to contact you in order to discuss the further procedure.


Find a material that is of particular interest to you. By clicking the 'Downloads' button, you can download a color chart or collection of the products available and, if needed, print them out.


Simply contact us on one of the numbers provided in the 'Contact' area or on the relevant product details page.