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For more than 50 years, our business partners worldwide have trusted in the renowned brand skai®.

skai® Artificial Leather

Our premium quality skai® artificial leather is second to none in terms of sustainability and ease of care. The versatile materials consistently convey a feeling of comfort and elegance. With skai® artificial leather, we offer innovative, attractive and individual solutions for exclusive offices and luxury homes.

skai® Artificial Leather
skai® Furniture Films

skai® Furniture Films

Our skai® furniture films boast thermoforming properties and bring elegance to every item of furniture with their two or three-dimensional surfaces. The trendy wood grain décor, innovative fantasy décor and single color designs that effectively accent the object's structure are available in many contemporary color combinations. They are perfectly suited to kitchen and bathroom furniture, and free-standing cabinets.

skai® Designline FR

The high-quality skai® metal lamination film with flame protection is used as a wall covering in cabins, corridors, and lounges inside the ship, especially cruise ships. The pallet ranges from calm plain colors to subdued and stylish wood and textile structures to extravagant fantasy designs.

skai NatureFeel Kitami furniture film with 3D synchon structure

skai® NatureFeel furniture film with 3D synchon structure

The new skai® NatureFeel furniture film with 3D synchon structure stands for a new generation of materials that recreates the look and feel of natural surfaces with maximum authenticity. The skai® NatureFeel 3D surface is created using state-of-the-art digital embossing technology. In this way, design features in the structure of wood - pores, knots, depressions - are faithfully staged with the foil.

Vegan PU artificial leather skai® Pureto EN

The PU synthetic leather skai® Pureto EN in a high-quality calfskin look is an outstanding, universally applicable surface material that is convincing in terms of finishing, quality and ease of care.  The modern colours also offer a wide range of possibilities for designing seating furniture attractively for different areas of use and for meeting the decisive factors: Aesthetics and seating comfort - as well as durability and easy care.


 skai® Pureto EN vegan PU synthetic leather for seating furniture

skai® Design Lab

Create your own digital print designs to match the project on one of our high-quality skai® upholstery fabrics. In the online configurator you can choose from a catalogue of several thousand designs, define the material quality and embossing of the artificial leather and adjust the colour or repeat with just a few clicks. The new skai® Design Lab provides an easy and fast way to individually printed fabrics.


laif® VyP breathable artificial leather

laif® VyP belongs to the next generation of breathable, air permeable upholstery materials. The innovative hybrid material of vinyl and polyurethane makes use of their best characteristics: the softness of the surface and the durability of the material.

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The high-quality skai® materials enable us to achieve the very highest level of comfort and coziness. Our two and three-dimensional furniture films with thermoforming properties and our upholstery materials can all be used in a versatile range of situations and are extremely durable.

Thanks to its superior characteristics and sophisticated designs, skai® sets the standard when it comes to hotel suites, fitness studios, living room seating materials, flooring and wall decorations.


If you have any questions about our products or would like to receive a specific quote, you simply need to get in touch. We provide personalized advice and exemplary service for our customers.

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