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Artificial leather – breathable and air-permeable thanks to laif® technology

Hours of sitting in lounges or conference rooms? Sweating in summer temperatures? No problem for the breathable and water vapor-permeable functional artificial leathers skai® VyP Nappa and skai® VyP Coffee! Their high-tech hybrid vinyl and polyurethane materials, combined with unique skai® technology, provide unparalleled comfort when sitting, high durability, and a long life. The skai® VyP Coffee variant also impresses with its sustainable recycled content made from coffee grounds.


Production and composition of breathable skai® VyP artificial leather

As a hybrid material made of vinyl and polyurethane, skai® VyP synthetic leathers with skai® technology combine the best of both worlds. They are abrasion-resistant and durable, yet the surfaces are pleasantly soft to the touch and appear organic and elegant with their realistic genuine leather grain.

This amazing combination makes skai® VyP artificial leathers suitable for almost any application where durability must not come at the expense of comfort. In addition, the breathable skai® VyP artificial leathers with skai® technology also impress with their responsible formulation and production: Only raw materials that are free of conventional solvents are used in the manufacturing process. In their place, high-quality aqueous PU systems and finishes are used.

skai® VyP with laif technology – breathable artificial leather in numerous color combinations

With realistic leather grains and varied color palettes, skai® VyP inspires designers and manufacturers in the creation of seating furniture of all kinds suitable for everyday use. skai® VyP Nappa impresses with its cowhide structure and classic color variations. The natural brown tone of skai® VyP Coffee emphasizes the organic character of this innovative fabric with recycled content made from coffee grounds. This artificial leather feels particularly at home wherever a sustainable environment is important.


skai® VyP Nappa

skai® VyP Coffee

Properties of breathable skai® artificial leather with skai® technology

The functional skai® VyP synthetic leathers shine in practical use with outstanding properties such as breathability, water and air permeability and soft, supple feel. In addition, the hybrid material also offers advantages in the manufacturing process: Thanks to their suppleness, the artificial leathers in the skai® VyP family can be easily pulled over edges or into recesses. This means that even intricate upholstered furniture contours can be reliably reproduced.

Another argument in favor of the breathable skai® VyP artificial leathers with skai® technology is their small ecological footprint. Water-based finish and PU components and a responsible, resource-conserving manufacturing process make the coated materials more sustainable than almost any other synthetic leather on the market.


With their breathability, skai® VyP artificial leathers set new standards in comfort. No matter how long you sit on the cover fabric, nothing sweats, sticks or feels uncomfortable. Seating furniture manufacturers also benefit from this, because moisture management in chairs for the office, co-working spaces and also the home is made much easier.

Water and Air Permeability

skai® VyP is permeable to air and water vapor. Unlike conventional leather alternatives, moisture – especially perspiration – is reliably transported away from the surface and can evaporate in the deeper layers of the upholstery material. A major disadvantage of conventional artificial leather is thus history once and for all. skai® VyP artificial leathers with laif technology make even extended sitting in the summer more comfortable than ever.

Surface Softness

Thanks to the particularly soft and supple surface, the seating comfort of skai® VyP artificial leathers is exceptionally high. The pleasant feeling of genuine leather remains even after sitting for a long time, as the air permeability also noticeably reduces unwanted heating of the surface.

Natural Leather Look

Convincing at first sight: The high-quality look and feel of the upholstery fabric help ensure that skai® VyP imitation leathers always cut an excellent figure on seating furniture and room elements of all kinds. Their authentic leather looks are further proof of the skai® brand’s leading position in particularly realistic smooth artificial leathers. The unusually soft feel for artificial leather in combination with impressive functionality is only available from the innovation and technology leader skai®.

Applications of breathable artificial leather

Wherever people sit for longer periods of time, seating furniture with skai® VyP as the upholstery covering offers outstanding comfort. For example, in conference centers, cinemas, hotel lobbies or offices, but also in public waiting areas or in all types of transportation.

Thanks to its excellent performance features, skai® VyP is perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, bars and bistros. The skai® VyP artificial leathers with skai® technology are also a popular choice in VIP lounges.

Sitting for extended periods does not become uncomfortable over time – instead, it actually becomes a pleasure thanks to skai® VyP artificial leather. Whether in a cafe, at your favorite Italian restaurant, at the cinema or in a trendy bar: Wherever people linger for longer, skai® VyP impresses with its outstanding comfort. The same applies to all seating furniture, whether in offices, conference rooms or cars: The permeable surface of the three functional artificial leathers from skai® VyP prevents unpleasant sweating, which can otherwise occur after prolonged sitting.

Advantages of breathable artificial leather

The skai® VyP artificial leathers with skai® technology are characterized by a number of advantages that make their use both convenient and economical. In addition to exceptional strength and durability, the breathable skai® artificial leathers are very easy to handle when cleaning and caring for them. Like all skai® upholstery fabrics, the material is flexible, adaptable and easy to apply as meter goods. The product gives furniture designers and interior architects a great deal of freedom, because the hybrid material made of vinyl and polyurethane can be formed into the smallest radii.


High Quality

The outstanding technical properties of skai® VyP ensure the exceptional durability of the synthetic leathers. In the choice of raw materials, attention is paid to uncompromising quality and using experienced suppliers from the region or the EU. This guarantees short delivery and communication channels and above-average availability.

Superior Durability

The durability of the material is outstanding. It is not unusual for seating to become worse for wear due to constant stresses and strains over the years. With skai® artificial leather, the surfaces still look good even after years. Especially for commercial users, a decision in favor of skai® VyP surfaces is an investment that reliably pays off!

Easy Care

The material is tear-resistant, extremely long-lasting, highly wear-resistant and easy to clean. In most cases, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. Like all skai® products, skai® VyP artificial leathers with laif technology are supplied with detailed care and cleaning instructions.

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