skai® Pureto EN - PU artificial leather in 13 attractive colors

skai® Pureto EN – The vegan PU artificial leather

With our polyurethane artificial leather skai® Pureto EN in its premium calfskin look, we offer an outstanding and universal surface material that is a clear winner when it comes to quality, sustainability, and ease of care in its manufacture and its characteristics. skai® Pureto EN PU artificial leather in attractive colors offers a wide range of options for making seating attractive for different uses and satisfying the key factors: aesthetics and seating comfort – as well as durability and ease of maintenance.

skai® Pureto EN is also trustworthy when it comes to processing, quality and safety. This vegan polyurethane synthetic leather is a winner for commercial seating applications thanks to its pleasant feel, convincing leather look, fastness to light and high resistance to hydrolysis – this is fundamental for seating, as it is the key indicator of the performance of the PU material under the influence of heat and moisture.

skai® Pureto EN deep sea

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skai® Pureto EN stone blue

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skai® Pureto EN concrete

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skai® Pureto EN slate

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skai® Pureto EN silk grey

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skai® Pureto EN birch

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skai® Pureto EN taupe

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skai® Pureto EN mocca

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skai® Pureto EN merlot

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skai® Pureto EN marsala

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skai® Pureto EN gobi

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skai® Pureto EN humus

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skai® Pureto EN black

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skai® Pureto EN - For seating areas, seating furniture and interior design elements

Experience the quality of skai® Pureto EN

Nowadays, aesthetics and functionality are equally important for seating areas, seating furniture, and interior design elements. The trend of designing seating with a leather look is still going strong. There's also the fact that, in areas where people spend prolonged periods on the seating furniture – such as offices, reception areas and restaurants – and in areas that are highly busy at times – such as waiting areas and lobbies – there are three key factors: High seating comfort, easy cleaning and durability of the surface.

For that reason, in the contemporary furnishing of seats and interior design upholstery, materials are required with properties that satisfy these usage requirements, not to mention the desire for a high-quality, authentic leather look.

PU artificial leather, thought and made in a contemporary way – vegan, sustainable, and environmentally of low-impact

The PU artificial leather skai® Pureto EN is a high-quality, PVC-free upholstery cover. This sustainable material is based on aqueous and high-solid PUR systems in coating and lacquer. The innovative surface material is produced at our German site under environmentally and socially accountable conditions of production and with a high level of responsibility towards people and the environment. The durable material does not contain any solvents such as DMF or toluene and satisfies the requirements of REACH.

With skai® Pureto EN, you can rely on a modern surface material that does not need any solvents – not only does this feel good for you and the users, but it also scores well in terms of sustainability.

skai® Pureto EN is suited to many different types of upholstery and coverings

Areas of application for the PU artificial leather Pureto EN

skai® Pureto EN represents an optimal modern upholstery material that is suited to many different types of upholstery and coverings in trendy residential and commercial areas.

With its impressive look and feel of leather, the polyurethane artificial leather is suitable for seating and room surfaces – in offices, in conference and meeting rooms, in the hotel industry, in restaurants, in the health sector, and on cruise ships.


Special features of skai® Pureto EN

  • Vegan artificial leather without PVC
  • High abrasion resistance: DIN EN ISO 5470-2 > 100,000 Martindale cycles
  • High resistance to hydrolysis (21 days/70 degrees Celsius)
  • High fastness to light: DIN EN ISO 105-B02, Level 6
  • Material structure: phthalate-free and solvent-free
  • Migration-resistant
  • Flame-retardant equipment: DIN EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS-0+1, MVSS 302, IMO FTPC P8, Cal. Bulletin 117 E, UFAC/NFPA 260 Class 1
  • REACH-compliant
  • Made in Germany – Production certified in accordance with:
    ISO 9001 – Quality management system
    ISO 14001 – Environmental management system
    ISO 50001 – Energy management
sample order of your skai® Pureto EN (PU-Artificial Leather))

Order your free skai® Pureto EN sample for your project now!

See and experience for yourself the quality, the authentic leather look and feel and the comfort factor of our PU artificial leather skai® Pureto EN for your upholstery and coating applications. We would be pleased to send you a product sample in the color of your choice.


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