Faux leather for the medical field

We offer innovative, attractive, and individual faux leather solutions for the sophisticated medical field.

Composition and processing

Our strength is the manufacture of attractive and innovative surfaces, which make living an emotional experience. Our faux leather is used on upholstered furniture in living areas, in the contract area, as upholstery in the fitness and medical industries, and in upholstery for ship construction. Here, the innovative materials set new benchmarks for design, function, processing, look, and color. They always contribute to a positive, elegant, and modern room ambience.

Special surface coating

skai® Pandoria Plus  is the name of our product, which has innovative and special characteristics. Due to its special product characteristics, the coated material is particularly suited for use on furniture in the contract area such as nursing homes or retirement homes. It is extremely easy-to-care for, very comfortable, and meets demanding design expectations. The material is also ideal for rehabilitation und physical therapy. The “plus” stands for its resistance to bodily fluids such as oil, fat, sweat, blood, and urine. In the past, aggressive substances posed a problem for common synthetics, especially when they were exposed to them for an extended period. That is why skai® Pandoria Plus upholstery materials are specifically designed for these challenges. An innovative coating provides excellent surface protection and makes them particularly resistant to abrasion. skai® Pandoria Plus even fulfills the Medical Devices Act; its surface is antibacterial and antimicrobial. In addition, the material is flame retardant (B2 standard), resistant to disinfectants, and extremely lightfast. Due to its longevity, robustness, and ease of cleaning, the product is also very economical. skai® Pandoria Plus is characterized by a fine micropore structure. Exciting tone-in-tone effects give it a sophisticated look.

Many areas of application

Typical areas of application for our artificial leather in the medical field are upholstery materials for furniture in retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, or doctors’ offices. Here, they are particularly used on seats in the reception or waiting areas or on examination tables in examination rooms and hospital rooms as well as on physical therapy equipment.

Our artificial leather models for the medical field

skai® Palma NF for example is a high-quality skai® artificial leather material with fine calf leather grain and a subtle print image. The upholstery material is universally applicable and especially suited for the demanding contract area, such as for the medical field and facilities like nursing homes and retirement homes as well as physical therapy establishments. Thanks to its tear resistance and resistance to disinfectants, it is particularly easy to clean and easy-to-care-for. Furthermore, skai® Palma NF is flame retardant. The innovative material meets the strict standard for faux leather B1 and thus impresses with comfort and robustness. skai® Palma NF is available in attractive colors.

Necessary characteristics in the medical field

The medical field is a very demanding industry with regard to requirements for upholstery materials that are to be used there. They must meet the Medical Devices Act, should have antibacterial characteristics and be easy to clean in order to fulfill the stringent hygiene regulations in this field. Our artificial leather, which is suitable for this area, meets all of these requirements and also sets new standards for design and number of available colors.

skai® stands for quality

The artificial leather materials are particularly impressive due to their longevity and therefore stand for real quality. They do not have to be constantly replaced as they are extremely robust and suitable for the special demands of the medical field.

Resistance to bodily fluids and disinfectants

The high-quality materials are resistant to bodily fluids such as blood, sweat, oil, fat, and urine as well as disinfectants. This fact makes the materials very valuable for the medical field.

Care and cleaning

The materials are also characterized by simple cleaning. Furniture covered with this material can therefore be used for a very long time.

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