Premium quality skai® artificial leather for boats and cruise ships

Faux leather for boats and cruise ships

Design, color and performance ahoi! Materials with special properties are required for furnishings and upholstering used on boats and cruise ships. Optimal performance and attractive aesthetics are equally important. In addition, different requirements apply to seating and wall coverings for outside areas on boats, yachts and cruise ships compared to interior upholstery and seating for boats. We provide a wide range of faux leathers that optimally meet exacting requirements in indoor and outdoor areas, various usage requirements and individual requests in terms of color, look and design.


skai® upholstery as wall covering and for padded seats on cruise ships and boats

Artificial leather for internal use

Our skai® artificial leather collection offers you an outstanding, universal surface material that scores top marks for its quality, durability and ease of maintenance. Artificial leathers by skai® offer a wide range of options for individual design in the indoor area of boats and ships.

Yet skai® artificial leathers are more than simply attractive, durable and comfortable. They also excel in overall workmanship, quality of materials, durability, color fidelity, ease of maintenance, and their flame-retardant properties meet all safety requirements. skai® Parotega NF, skai® Paratexa NF und skai® Palma NF meet all fire protection requirements and are certified as B1 faux leather. Our PVC plastic artificial leathers are sure to impress with their durability and exceptionally high quality of craftsmanship.

In indoor areas on cruise ships, it is important to select extremely durable materials for fixtures and fittings to avoid premature wear and tear in high-traffic seating areas. skai® Pandoria Plus meets the highest demands in this respect.


Artificial leather for outdoor areas

Outdoor areas on boats and ships have to abide by yet another set of rules: solar radiation, salt water and the sudden change between heat and cold all have a significant impact on surfaces. Optimal selection of material that can match these is the key factor – without having to compromise on comfort, aesthetic appeal or color intensity.


skai® artificial leather upholstery materials for outdoor area on boats
skai® artificial leather for outdoor area on boats and yachts
skai® artificial leather cushion covers for outdoor area on boats
skai® Artificial leather for boat upholstery

Artificial leather for boat upholstery


With skai® cool colors upholstery fabrics we offer innovative materials that have been specially developed for outdoor applications. One of its outstanding features is the fact that it reflects up to 80% of near-infrared radiation due to its special Cool Colors pigmentation – this reduces heat build-up in upholstery material by up to 25%. This means the artificial leather can be used across the entire color range exactly as you wish, including very dark shades – without the issue of heat build-up on surfaces when exposed to sunlight. This applies to skai® cool colors Venezia and Valero because the darker the color, the greater the cool colors effect.

Special characteristics of artificial leather for boats

Special characteristics of _skai_ artificial leather in outdoor use

In outdoor use:

Special characteristics of skai® artificial leather in indoor usage

In indoor use:

  • Large selection of colors and design
  • durable
  • UV light resistant
  • lightfast
  • tearproof
  • oil-resistant
  • easy to clean
  • scratch-resistant
  • flame retardant in accordance with IMO FTPC P8


The selection of materials on offer includes a range of quality. With artificial leather, the basic structure consists of a textile backing with a PVC coating and a gloss finish.


Artificial leather – custom designs for boat construction

Are you looking for an exceptional solution? Do you want to leave an unmistakable mark on the design and look on board? That’s no problem with the skai® faux leather products. When purchasing more than 700 meters of material in length, you can choose your own color and embossing for that material.


skai® Metal Laminating Foil Designline FR on the corridor wall of a cruise ship
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Order a free sample now!

Discover the quality, color, look and comfort of our skai® faux leather in boat construction, boat upholstery and boat seating. We would be pleased to mail you a product sample of your choice. Our sampling service is also available for the metal laminating foil skai® Designline FR.



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