skai® Faux Leather cool colors
skai® Faux Leather cool colors

skai® cool colors Artificial Leather

The skai® upholstery materials with cool colors technology are especially suitable for outdoor use. The surface heats up less in direct sunlight. The nano-coating protects against weathering, UV radiation and dirt.

Innovative cool colors Technology

With the Continental cool colors technology, up to 80 percent of the near-infrared radiation is deflected by special pigments. This reduces the heating-up of the upholstery material by up to 25 percent, while significantly enhancing comfort. The innovative technology has been successfully used outdoors for a number of years, such as in window frames or cabriolet seat covers. The darker the color, the greater the effect. skai® cool colors now enables colored synthetics to be used in the outdoor area across the entire color range. Manufacturers of outdoor upholstered furniture will also be pleased to know that a nano-coating makes the material extremely resistant to weathering, UV light and soiling. Thanks to its outstanding properties, the material has already won many awards.


Artificial leather skai® cool colors for outdoor applications

With skai® cool colors in the embossing Venezia, Vigo and Valero, we have a smart upholstery material for outdoor applications in our range. The innovative product stands out with its superior performance and exclusive look. For upholstered furniture exposed to direct sunlight, surfaces heating up is often a problem, especially for dark colors. The innovative upholstery fabric now opens up completely new options for outdoor furniture designers in terms of color diversity.

High-quality design

In addition to its functionality, the design of skai® cool colors is also highly impressive. The fine textile look of skai® cool colors Venezia is sporty and elegant and the understated woven texture has a pleasant feel. skai® cool colors Vigo also has a modern textile look, skai® cool colors Valero, on the other hand, has a fine, elegant leather grain.

skai® cool colors used on boats

The high-quality upholstery material for the outdoor area, skai® cool colors is a great option for a wide range of applications. It is particularly suitable for outdoor use on boats and yachts. It meets the IMO FTPC standard P8 and can therefore be used on cruise liners.

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