B1 Faux leather

Do you know our skai® faux leather materials with special flame protective equipment for interior application?

They meet the international fire protection standards B1, M1, AM18, and Crib 5, and impress with their high-quality, robust and versatile designs in universal execution, as either artificial leather or as a textile look. This makes the products ideal for use in demanding, design-oriented building objects for which the topic of fire protection is particularly strictly regulated.

Below we offer you an overview of our flame-retardant furniture materials as well as information on their application.


We are presenting strong upholstery materials with special flame protective properties:

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Textile Look – skai® Paratexa NF

The flame-retardant material skai® Paratexa NF picks up on the current textile trend. The refined surface structure in combination with the modern textile look and trendy color selection creates a particularly natural feel. Numerous colors from the tinted, pastel spectrum are available right from the start. The premium product has already been recognized with the Iconic Award: Interior Innovation – Winner 2017; the innovative product was also successful in the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2017. The material leaves nothing to be desired with regard to its processability.

It complies with the demanding B1 flame retardant standard and is therefore ideal for use in building objects for which fire protection plays a major role. It can also be combined in a variety of ways.

Areas of application for our B1 products

Our innovative artificial leather materials from the B1 collection are particularly well suited for building objects. Their outstanding quality and, above all, the compliance with the B1 flame retardant standard make them ideal for this sector as well as for public buildings and facilities. Areas of application include, for example, upholstery of armchairs, chairs, bed headboards or walls on cruise ships, in hotel bars, lobbies, restaurants, suites, but also in senior residences or hospitals.

Due to their ease of maintenance, skai® Palma NF and skai® Parotega NF are particularly faux leather for the medical field. skai® Paratexa NF is also very popular as a decorative eye catcher in store fitting.

Artificial leather B1 to your liking!

Custom colors are also possible on request with a minimum quantity. You can order samples and corresponding certificates directly from us. Our yard goods are assembled in rolls. B1 materials are available in a width of 1,370 mm.


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Leather-like skai® Palma NF

skai® Palma NF is a high-quality imitation leather with a fine calf leather grain and a subtle print pattern. The upholstery material is extremely versatile and particularly well-suited for demanding building objects, for example for public buildings and facilities such as nursing homes and senior residences. Its tear resistance and resistance to disinfectants make the upholstery material particularly easy to maintain and long-lasting. skai® Palma NF impresses with its comfort, durability and, above all, its outstanding flame protection, which meets the stringent B1 standard in the innovative material. skai® Palma NF is available in 20 attractive colors.

B1 testing in accordance with DIN 4102

The materials undergo strict tests before they are classified as flame-retardant.

The so-called “Fire shaft test” is the most frequently performed test method in Germany that measures the reaction to fire and is the country’s most stringent flammability standard for upholstery materials. If the products pass the test, they comply with the DIN 4102 standard.

The "Fire shaft" designation refers to the test device consisting of a vertical chimney with a square cross-cut and a gas burner. Four fabric samples are positioned vertically in a holder frame and are exposed to the flames for 10 minutes. At the same time, a constant, uniform air flow is introduced into the fire shaft from below.

When evaluating the test, the flue gas temperature and the average residual length of the samples (the part that did not burn) are taken into account. To be classified according to B1, the tested substance must fulfill the following:

1. A medium residual length of no less than 150 mm, whereby no sample may have been burned completely.
2. An average flue gas temperature of less than 200 °C.

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skai® Parotega NF

skai® Parotega NF is a premium PVC imitation leather with a classic leather grain. Thanks to its natural look and feel, the material can hardly be distinguished from genuine leather. The upholstery material is particularly well-suited for heavily stressed building objects, for example for public buildings and facilities such as nursing homes and senior residences. With its outstanding haptic qualities, skai® Parotega NF ensures the highest level of comfort.

Thanks to its resistance to blood, urine, and disinfectants, it is particularly easy to maintain and wear-resistant. skai® Parotega NF contributes to a comfortable ambiance in every building object and is unbeatable in terms of durability. skai® Parotega NF also meets the stringent B1 flame protection standard. The innovative upholstery material is available in 40 shades.


What can these materials do in addition to B1?


Our B1 upholstery materials also meet the standards DIN EN 13501-1, MVSS 302/DIN 75 200/DIN EN ISO 3795, DIN 53438 and DIN 66084. Standard DIN 53438, for example, refers to the flame treatment of edge and vertical surfaces of a material sample. A flame is directed in a firebox onto the material sample, which is fixed vertically. If a surface flame treatment is carried out, the flame is applied directly onto the surface of the test material for 15 seconds. Reference lines are marked on the material sample that must not be reached by the flame or embers within 20 seconds. If the burning duration for the defined distance is less than 20 seconds, the test is considered failed.

Standard DIN 66084 examines the burning behavior of upholstery composites using different test procedures. The composites are tested in different processes using three test standards. The test results are then classified into three classes: P-a (high), P-b (medium). P-c (low). The following tests must be successfully completed for classification in the respective class:

- Cigarette test in accordance with EN 1021 Part 1 corresponds to the classification P-C low)
- Matchstick test in accordance with EN 1021 Part 2 corresponds to the classification P-b (medium)
- Paper pillow test in accordance with DIN 54341 corresponds to classification P-a (high)

When a paper pillow of 100 g is burned on the test specimen, the flames must extinguish themselves at the latest after 15 minutes. The height of the flame may be a maximum of 45 cm above the backrest and the side edges may not be reached after burning.


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