Trend report: Organic surface modulations for depth and vibrancy

Curved lines, stripe-like gradients, ribs, and grooves – all these stylistic elements are considered absolute design classics. How far back do they go? All the way to ancient Greece and Rome. With its skai® Milano and skai® Tira decors, Continental is revisiting these surface modulations, which have been popular for thousands of years, and translating them into a modern setting.

Whether elongated vertical lines or undulating structures, both can still be found today on numerous façades, columns, and temples from bygone times thanks to elaborate restorations. The “organic surface modulations” trend therefore looks back on a long history of “creation” – particularly in architecture. A history that to this day continues to significantly shape our understanding and, above all, our visual impression of antiquity and exerts a major influence on many other areas such as interior design and therefore the furniture industry. Even in 2024, these classics once again serve as a contemporary source of inspiration.

Surface expert Continental is embracing the “ribs, grooves, and stripes” trend, for example with its skai® Milano and skai® Tira decors, to provide a really exciting and modern reinterpretation of these design evergreens. What is special about these organic surface modulations? They can be experienced in three dimensions and, depending on how the light catches them, are true shape-shifters. Monochrome surfaces on corresponding grooves or ribs thus gain natural gradients and tonal gradations, for example. In short: they change their original character.

Grooves and ribs also offer functional advantages

Continental combines these characteristic designs with wooden elements – a combination that promises timeless elegance. skai® Milano impresses here with its pattern of rhythmically tactile, vertical lines. Thanks to an intense play of light and shade, they create depth and thus an impression of liveliness on the piece. If fine-grain textures, linear wood inclusions, and tightly packed growth rings are required, skai® Tira is the ideal choice. It is a hybrid of wood and fantasy decor that creates accents with dark indentations and pores to provide a balanced variety.

Whether used horizontally or vertically, the geometric stripe elements are shown off to best advantage particularly, but not exclusively, on furniture fronts, lending depth and appearing in a myriad of facets. Wide, deep, serrated, twisted, concave, or convex – the possibilities are endless. The feel also plays a key role here. But the advantages of grooves and similar elements do not end with the look, they also create functional patterns for sun protection, help to protect against light, and prevent glare.


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