For the third time in a row, Konrad Hornschuch AG has received the most important design award in Germany, the German Design Award. This is the top international prize awarded by the German Design Council.

German Design Award 2016 für skai® Tokio EN

The German Design Award 2016 has been awarded to something truly innovative. The skai® Tokio EN uses a highly precise laser engraving method to achieve a ground look with impeccable detail. Precision on a nanoscale leads to a deceptively realistic and non-patterned result. Lines are etched in opposing directions onto the surface, meeting at the diagonal and thus lending the material a vibrant look that is highly dynamic. The metallic colors of the surface yield a look of iridescence as the light refraction varies to fascinating effect, depending on the perspective. This unique material started the year with a bang, receiving the Interior Innovation Award 2015 – Selection.

skai® Tokio EN