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Interior Innovation Awards 2015 for _skai_ Artificial Leather Jury awards two new upholstery materials and a futuristic, innovative surface

The high-quality Continental upholstery materials _skai_ Tolaris EN and _skai_ Soroma Stars EN were announced winners of the well-respected Label Interior Innovation Award for 2015. _skai_ Tokio received the Label Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2015.

_skai_ Soroma Stars EN conveys a sense of ancient royal splendour. _skai_ Tokio captivates all with its detailed laser cross-etching. _skai_ Tolaris EN boasts a futuristic 3D look.

Noblesse oblige

The upholstery material _skai_ Soroma Stars EN is reminiscent of the fine style of French and English royal houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. Straight, diagonal quilt-like seams intersect to create a uniform diamond pattern. The material appears quilted, but is in fact the result of an innovative embossing process. It gives furniture a stylish, classical elegance and as a wall covering, it looks chic and timeless. The delicate structure is particularly pleasant to the touch. The metallic color radiates a fine shimmer, which creates contrasts in modern-styled living and office areas.

A ground finish

Inspiration for the exclusive skai® Tokio surface is taken from automobile design. A highly precise laser engraving method achieves a contoured and ground look with detail sharper than has ever been produced before. Precision on a nanoscale leads to a deceptively realistic, fine and non-patterned result. Lines are etched in opposing directions onto the surface, meeting at the diagonal and thus lending the upholstery material a vibrant look that is highly dynamic. The cross-etching and metallic colors of the surface yield a look of iridescence as the light refraction varies to fascinating effect, depending on your perspective.

Futuristic 3D Cubes

With its astounding three-dimensional look, the optical illusion of _skai_ Tolaris EN is fascinating and enchanting in equal measures. A game of deception, the surface of this artistic upholstery material transforms its look depending on the perspective and light angle. This effect is created by shape clusters that are angled differently, with each cluster forming a diamond shape. In groups of three, the diamonds appear before the observer as three sides of a cube. The finish on the upper side of each cube enhances this effect and the touch of this innovative material is equally captivating thanks to its tactile finesse.

Product Management Silvia Baumann


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