Continental wins the Materialica Design + Technology Award 2017

Award-winning design competence

Products with excellent design and technology characteristics receive awards during the Materialica trade fair

Materialica Design + Technology Silver and Gold Award 2017 for the Benecke-Continental Surface Group materials Holographic and _laif_ VyP


Hanover/Weissbach, October 19, 2017. At the international trade fair Materialica in Munich, products with excellent design and technology characteristics were recognized on October 17. During the award ceremony for the Materialica Design + Technology Awards 2017, well-known companies were given Silver or Gold awards in the categories “Material”, “Surface & Technology”, “Product”, and “CO2 Efficiency”. The Continental AG received a Gold Award for _laif_ VyP and a Silver Award for Holographic in the category “Surface & Technology”. For the business unit of Benecke-Continental Surface Group, this is one of the first mutual successes. These awards impressively underscore the technology and design competence of the surface specialist under the roof of the Continental group.

New possibilities

The Holographic artificial leather creates the impression of three-dimensionality on the surface. The graphic changes in the structures and lines make the surface constantly interesting. The three-dimensionality is created by the special arrangement of the structures on the surface with consideration for lighting angle and reflection. The Holographic artificial leather is created by means of special laser engraving technology, which creates a high-resolution surface. The combination of special laser engraving technology and the special arrangement of the structures is currently unique and opens numerous new visual possibilities and opportunities in surface design.

Attractive and robust

The upholstery material _laif_ VyP belongs to the next generation of breathable upholstery materials. The hybrid material of vinyl and polyurethane makes use of the best characteristics of both base materials: the softness of the surface and the longevity of the material. Here, only raw materials are used that do not contain any common solvents and are based on high-quality, aqueous PU systems and finishes. _laif_ VyP is air and water-vapor permeable. It makes sitting particularly comfortable. No matter how long you sit, it isn’t sticky or unpleasant. With _laif_ VyP, surfaces look good even after many years. The material is tearproof, durable, highly abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean.


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