skai® upholstery material wins international award

Third Red Dot for Hornschuch — upholstery material skai® Tolaris EN enchants and fascinates with its three-dimensional look

In 2012, Hornschuch won its first Red Dot Communication Design Award for the Design Guide. At the end of 2014, the expert jury awarded Hornschuch the revered Design Collection Award. Now, the surface specialist is delighted to have received its first Red Dot Product Design Award for the exclusive material skai® Tolaris EN in the category of Materials and Surfaces.

Honeycomb Cubes

The highly unusual upholstery material skai® Tolaris EN enchants and fascinates all look upon it, achieving simultaneously an optical illusion and an intriguing three-dimensional depth effect. skai® Tolaris EN did not only win over the Red Dot jury; it was also awarded the Label Interior Innovation Award for 2015 at the beginning of the year 2015.

skai® Tolaris EN

The high-quality upholstery material skai® Tolaris EN fascinates all thanks to an intriguing, three-dimensional depth effect. A game of deception, the surface of this upholstery material transforms its look depending on the perspective and light angle. This effect is created by hexagon clusters that are angled differently, with each cluster forming a diamond shape. The tactile finesse of the material's surface is extremely appealing to the touch.