“Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process, the furniture film skai® Hammada achieves an emotional visual appearance with its synchronously imprinted Sorbo surface.”

skai® Hammada is awarded the Red Dot Award Product Design 2016

Thanks to printing and embossing technologies that are perfectly attuned to each other, the décor of the skai® Hammada furniture film achieves a very authentic vintage effect. The surface hints at weathered driftwood that is very dry and open-pored. Typical wood characteristics such as negative pores, flowers and branches are fully synchronous in the printing and embossing, as are brushed or ground surface areas. The Sorbo synchronous embossing intensifies the optical effect and is highly intriguing to the touch.

skai® Hammada comes with printing and imprinting technologies that are perfectly attuned to each other.

Der Red Dot Design Award Gala is the annual stage for the best designs of the year.

skai® Hammada could also be admired in the winner´s exhibition.

Our Hornschuch Team at the 2016 Red Dot Gala: Simone Wieland (Social Media), Ralf Imbery (Director Design) & Bruno Lehmann (VP Interior).

skai® Hammada has a beautiful depth of sharpness

The gala in  Aalto-Theater Essen was the impressive culmination of the competition.

The Evidence: skai® Hammada is a winner of the Red Dot Product Design.

Director of Design Ralf Imbery and Vice President Interior Bruno Lehmann are delighted about the prize.

skai® Hammada.