skai® Aliena Artificial Leather

skai® Faux Leather Aliena

skai® Aliena Artificial Leather

Upholstery surfaces that tell stories are where we excel. With superior-quality designs, we offer material for furniture upholstery and wall applications.

Unfortunately, skai® Aliena is no longer part of the product range.
Discover suitable alternatives in the skai® faux leather leather collection.

Extravagant artificial leather skai® Aliena

The high-quality upholstery material skai® Aliena makes a big impression with its natural ostrich-leather look and a very finely structured grain. Its extraordinary properties means it stands out among our exclusive leather looks.

Interplay between look and feel

The innovative skai® synthetic leather materials with a genuine leather look are very much in harmony with one another in terms of how they look and feel. The natural-looking decors replicate their source of inspiration perfectly. Authentic embossing styles not only ensure an extremely original appearance, but also appeal to the sense of touch. The elegant materials have an incredible look and feel. The clear embossed markings give skai® Aliena an extraordinary feel that will last long in the memory. The ostrich look creates a very exclusive impression. In the colors of Saffron and Corn, for example, it give a touch of refinement to chairs or seating in lobby areas or restaurants.

Synthetic leather is hard-wearing and easy to maintain

The high-quality synthetic leather skai® Aliena will enhance any design-inspired living environment. Our materials stand out due to their exciting feel as well as outstanding technical properties and high level of durability. skai® Aliena is:
• highly durable
• abrasion-resistant
• REACH-compliant
• easy to clean and maintain
• tear-proof and
• light-fast

skai® Aliena for commercial use

The innovative upholstery material is perfectly suited to many types of upholstery and covering. Due to its exceptional design, it is ideal for use in trendy residential and commercial spaces as well as in public buildings and facilities. skai® Aliena is used, for example, in the modern Hard Rock Hotel on the island of Tenerife. At the prestigious Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, skai® Aliena is used as upholstery for the chairs in the much-used restaurant area, and as an exclusive wall covering at the impressive Hotel Notre Dame in Paris.

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