skai® Furniture Foil in Beige and Brown

With a wide range of furniture foils in wood effect and beige-brown unicolor shades, we offer furniture manufacturers unique possibilities. Our 2D- and 3D-formable thermoplastic foils are very easy to process. You can buy them directly from the manufacturer or from one of our existing processors or partners. The tested Continental furniture foils are suitable for a wide range of areas of use.

Furniture Foils for Object Furnishing

There are furniture foils in wood effect at the surface specialist Continental, but also in fancier varieties. Particularly versatile is the skai® Avellino trend design, which, depending on the color scheme, looks like rusty metal or has a stone/concrete appearance. This innovation is perfect, for instance, for the wall or the kitchen and bathroom furniture fronts. It can be used in any living area, whether in the hallway, in the living room, in the bedroom, or in the office. skai® Pino Aurelio also gives all furniture fronts an entirely new, trendy shabby look. Our beige and brown furniture foils are available with and without structure. They are characterized by their palpable quality.

Room Design

Our furniture foil in beige and brown is perfectly suited for extravagant room design. The assortment includes a large number of decorative foils in various patterns. Please note, however, that the products are not suitable for the end user. The surfaces, such as the colore collections, with their large selection of unicolors in beige and brown, set trends in terms of color. Diverse combination options with innovative decorative surfaces create inspiring accents in all living areas. 

Furniture Foils in Beige and Brown for Furniture Production

The target group for our furniture foil consists of furniture manufacturers for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as their suppliers. The high-quality materials are suitable, for example, for the production of wardrobes, chests of drawers, or tables. Processing is carried out without additional edge attachment. The innovative foils are available in matte, standard and semi-gloss.

Surface Treatment 

Our thermoplastic foils of the skai® brand are applied using the so-called thermoforming presses on MDF substrates and other wood-based materials. It is possible to process them on the jacketing and surface laminating systems as well as flat presses. They are intended for industrial use. We supply industrial companies, furniture manufacturers, and commercial dealers with a wide range of foil types and processing systems. Monochrome or structured decorative foils are possible. They are not currently self-adhesive and therefore cannot be processed by end users.

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Beige & brown furniture foil for bathroom furniture Beige & brown furniture foil for bathroom furniture


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