New dimensions of comfort with laif® VyP

Inspired by real life, the innovative laif® VyP is ready for the future. Designed based on human skin, laif® VyP introduces a new class of breathable synthetic upholstery materials. The material is particularly air and water vapor permeable and even beats aniline leather, not only in this discipline. With its special, natural look and particularly pleasant feel, laif® VyP combines its high-quality “look and feel” with an attractive cost-benefit-ratio.

Extended sitting becomes a pleasure

Whether in the ice-cream parlor, your favorite Italian restaurant, at the movies, or a trendy bar: Anywhere people sit for an extended period of time, laif® VyP demonstrates its excellent comfort characteristics. The breathable surface prevents sweating in the first place. Naturally, this also applies to offices, conference rooms, and automobiles. There is a reason that the laif® VyP with diamond stitching was used on the seat surfaces and the lower sections of the backs in the Concept Car The PIONEER.


Favorite of designers

Just like all skai® upholstery materials, laif® VyP is flexible, adaptable, and easy-to-use. laif® VyP creates a great deal of design freedom because it can be formed to the tightest radii, is available in a broad palette of modern colors, and can be impressively mixed with other materials.


The best of two worlds

As a hybrid material, laif® VyP makes use of the best characteristics of vinyl and polyurethane. On one hand, it is long-lasting, wear-resistant, and robust, on the other, it is extremely comfortable, soft to the touch, and visually elegant. This makes laif® VyP suitable for a host of applications in the contract area.


Sustainable for the future

With sustainable ingredients such as water-based solvents and a resource-conserving, energy-efficient manufacturing process, laif® VyP stands for additional sustainability. With laif® VyP, we leave a green footprint on our journey. And this allows us to advance toward a successful future with a clean conscience.


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