Review Euroshop 2017 - Shopping with skai®

It was Hornschuch’s first time as an exhibitor at EuroShop. From the beginning, the world’s leading trade fair was very successful for the surface specialist. The professional visitors were especially impressed with the motto #SEE #TOUCH #THINK #LOVE that we announced ahead of time. It describes the contact points of the Hornschuch surfaces and was consistently implemented in the booth.


The brand-new skai® digital print collection and the corner of our booth that was designed with skai® Cintia were the ultimate eyecatchers. Many visitors used it as a “photo box” and were visibly at home in the colorful tropical design with flamingos and cacti.



The touch counter, which has now become a standard part of Hornschuch booths, was also very popular at EuroShop. Scarcely a minute passed without someone’s hand gliding across the high-quality materials and thoroughly exploring them.



Hornschuch utilized the platform of EuroShop to demonstrate the entire portfolio for the retail industry and the possibilities that the innovative materials offer for this. Many of the professional visitors developed initial plans for their next project while at the booth and selected specific products.



Materials used in shopfitting are becoming increasingly emotional. They promote an atmosphere of wellbeing or stylish coolness at the Point of Sale and help stationary retail stores compete with online stores. Ultimately, an emotional connection is possible in a shop, which cannot be achieved online.


Hornschuch was able to very successfully break new ground at EuroShop with the concept #SEE #TOUCH #THINK #LOVE and will support the branch in the future with individual and flexible solutions. With the unique variety of colors and structures that the surface specialist offers for shopfitting, you can find the right material for any shop concept.


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